Monday, July 22, 2013

A Big Let Down for Godzilla Fans Who Did Not Make it to Comic-Con.

Well all us fans that did not make it to Comic-Con are very disappointed. I sat at my computer yesterday watching live blogs of the Comic-Con and know a trailer was shown to the fans there but the trailer was not released to the public online just yet, so many Godzilla fans around the world had to let it sit in after months of waiting that they will have to wait a little longer to see the footage. Now we did not come away that empty handed we do know that the trailer involved some sort of giant insect, now was it a new Kaiju? or was it Kamacaurs, Kumonga, or Meganulon? From the discription I read the bug creature seemed large but than Godzilla's foot came on screen and then the insect Kaiju's size was nothing compared to Godzilla. I did not include Megalon in the list of insect Kaiju because if it was Megalon he would be about equal in size to Godzilla so I went with the Kaiju Insects that tend to run a smaller size. Other than the insect thing there really was not much that we got to see, so now we can just wait and see what is next.

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