Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Godzilla Encounter Latest Updates and Translations Gallery.


Here is a Gallery of some of the latest Godzilla Encounter post. This time we see pictures from the actual Comic-Con encounter, we also see more timeline post and quotes.


Translation Bellow
Tread carefully. Anything can happen inside the Godzilla Encounter.
One of many warning signs scattered throughout the Godzilla Encounter.
Translation Bellow

Welcome to Gojira Street in the Godzilla Encounter.

Signs from inside the Godzilla Encounter.

Take a seat at the Ramen Bar inside the Encounter

The Millenium Suit awaits all visitors who step inside.

Shindo’s Ramen Bar, taking orders inside the Godzilla Encounter.

A pop art explosion of Godzilla figures and collectibles inside the Encounter.

A tribute to the many iterations of Godzilla over the years.

Proceed at your own risk in the Godzilla Encounter.

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