Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hello everyone. This blog will be a discussion blog about Godzilla and all things Kaiju related. I look forward    to sharing my experiences with you all and hope to enjoy some discussions on here with fellow fans. A little background about me, my name is Frank I was born in 1989  I grew up in the 90's I started watching Godzilla movies from before I can remember, I grew up with a great love for Godzilla. I have recently started to collect the Godzilla and kaiju movies such as Gamera on DVD, I know it is kind of late but I have stuck with my full VHS collection for years. Re-watching these movies again is something I am looking forward to. I hope some Godzilla fans find this blog and we can have some great discussions. I recently discovered the Godzilla subreddit and enjoy the talking to the fans there which have reignited my passion for Godzilla. I hope to share reviews about movies, discussions,pictures, news about upcoming Kaiju monster movies such as Pacific Rim, and Godzilla 2014.  Welcome to Godzilla Island!

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