Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Godzilla, King of the Monsters(English Version)[1956]

The Plot:
Reporter Steve Martin is on his way to Cairo when he stops over in Japan when he lands he is questioned by local authorities and asked if he saw anything suspicious while flying. He says no ask why they asked. Apparently the course the plane flew would of took them of the wreckage of a ship that was attacked by an unknown force and they wanted to know if he saw anything. The new of the mysteriously sunken ships gains Steve Martin's interest so he decides to hang around Japan instead and report on the ships. Ships from Japan continue to be attacked with claims of a light underwater, sudden fire every where and the ships are sunk in at impossible speeds with no survivors. Finally a ship wreck survivor washes ashore on a small inhabited native island. Steve Martin flies to the Island immediately and discovers that the island natives believe that it is an underwater god that is sinking the ships. Steve calls his reporting agency and tells them of the god attacking the ships and the news agency tells him to stay with the possibility of a monster being responsible for these attacks. That night on the island a house gets crushed by something big and the next day a paleontologist arrives to investigate there is a massive foot  print in the rubble and high radiation readings. Steve and the natives set out on the island to look for the monster the natives call Godzilla while searching Godzilla rises above the mountains Steve and the natives flee. It is no apparent that the monster Godzilla is real and Steve rushes back to Tokyo.

Tokyo than begins to evacuate and prepare for an inevitable attack. Godzilla attacks Tokyo and is unharmed by any of the weapons Tokyo has tanks, bombs, gun fire, and fighter jets do nothing. The monster returns to see after a night of horror Tokyo is leveled and there is nothing left but fire and ash. Steve Martin and the military discover that his friend Dr. Serizawa has invented a weapon called the oxygen destroyer it is deployed in water and removes oxygen from anything in its vicinity. The army enlist Dr. Serizawa to deploy this weapon but he is very hesitant about using because he doesn't want it to end up in the wrong hands so he says he will only use it once to save what is left of Tokyo from another attack. So Dr. Serizawa goes out to see with the Navy and goes underwater with the Oxygen Destroyer and sets it off right next to the just awoken Godzilla. Dr. Serizawa stays under to make sure that he dies with Godzilla and his weapon so that no one ever discovers the formula or ask him for it again. The Oxygen destroyer instantly turns skin and organ to nothing leaving nothing by a skeleton which then also dissolves leaving no trace of Godzilla or the Doctor. The only thing left of Godzilla will be the scar that he left in the attack on Tokyo.

My Thoughts:
There really is not much to say about this movie but that it is a Master Piece. This movie set the bar for so many Monster and Kaiju movies to come. This is the movie where it all started and it is still an incredible movie to watch even today. When this movie was released in Italy it was released in color but it that is the only place that this movie was released in color with also much more graphic scenes of the victims of the attack. I would be very interested in trying to acquire a colorized version of this movie just to see how it is the footage the I have seen doesn't look great but it would still be cool to see.  Here is some footage from the Italian movie:

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