Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: King Kong vs Godzilla [1962]

The Plot:
The movie opens up with a T.V show discussion about a rare berry with many medicinal purposes that is located on Faro Island a remote Island located in the Pacific. The owner of the Pharmaceutical company Mr. Tako that distributes the berry medicine hears that natives on Faro Island worship a Giant Monster God. Mr. Tako frustrated with the poor rating and views of the T.V. Show his company sponsors demands that he have his own monster to boost ratings so he sends two men to go get him his monster.

Sakurai and Kinsaburo are the two lucky men tasked with getting Mr. Tako his monster. They arrive to Faro Island and do not receive a warm welcome from the natives, but the two men win the natives over by showing them a radio and handing out cigarettes for everyone to smoke (they give two to a kid). While on the Island and celebrating the two men send a little boy to get some berry juice for them the boy goes into a hut which is then attacked by Oodako a giant octopus the natives fight the octopus but their primitive spears are no match for Oodako.. King Kong arrives and begins to fight Oodako. The giant octopus retreats back into the sea and King Kong begins drinking jugs of berry juice. The juice starts to make him drowsy so the natives begin playing drums and he falls asleep. Sakurai and Kinsaburo call in their ship and the sleeping King Kong is put on a separate barge towed by the ship.

Meanwhile while a submarine crashes in to an Ice berg and then frees Godzilla in doing so. Godzilla begins heading for Japan. Mr. Tako then gets dropped off on the ship dragging King Kong back to Japan when the ship is stopped and boarded by the Navy. The Navy comes with orders from Japan not to bring King Kong there because they will soon be dealing with Godzilla and do not want to have two monsters on their hands. Mr. Tako is not happy with the news and goes out side Sakurai and Kinsaburo inform him that Kong's barge is rigged with explosives to cut him loose if anything happens they say they need to blow it since they can not bring him back. Mr. Tako refuses to let Kong go back, Kong begins to wake and the men try to blow up the barge but Mr. Tako tries to wrestle them off but he then falls on the detonator which fails to set the explosives off. Kinsaburo and Sakurai begin shooting at the explosives to set them off they finally land a shot and the barge explodes in a chain reaction. But it is to late Kong is also now heading for Japan.

Godzilla finally makes land fall in Japan and attacks a train and the Japan forces begin doing everything they can to keep Godzilla from reaching Tokyo. Kong and Godzilla meet and have a very short fight before Kong retreats.The Japanese defense forces come up with a plan to dig up a field and plant explosives and line the field with gasoline and lure Godzilla into the pit. The plan fails horribly and Godzilla is unharmed by the wasted explosives and gasoline. The next line of defense was a 1,000,000 volt electric barrier which proves to be to much for Godzilla of retreats to Mt. Fuji. Later that day Kong arrives and he walks through the electric barrier and becomes energized by it he then proceeds to attack Tokyo. Kong stops the attack when he discovers Sakurai's sister he takes her hostage and the military stops attack as Kong stands on top of a building with her. Sakurai and Kinsaburo remembering their encounter with Kong on Faro Island suggest shooting missiles with a vaporized version of the berries from Faro Island at Kong to make him fall asleep so that they can get Sakurai's sister and lift Kong by helicopter to Godzilla so that the monsters can battle each other. The military carries the plan out successfully Kong falls asleep and they get Sakurai's sister back from Kong.

Kong is taken to Mt. Fuji the next day to battle Godzilla again. Godzilla right away as the advantage and knocks Kong out and it looks as though Godzilla has won yet again. As Godzilla is about to burn Kong away with his breath a storm arrives and Kong is struck by lightning and once again becomes charged by electric and he now has electric running through him and begins fighting Godzilla again. The two monsters end up in the ocean and a battle occurs underwater only Kong rises and starts swimming back to Faro Island. On lookers are not sure if weather Godzilla has survived or not but are relieved to see that their monster problem is over.

My Thoughts:

This movie is the first Godzilla movie in color I really enjoyed this movie I had only a few issues with it. The issue I had was that they made King Kong the title monster why not Godzilla? Also they make a lot of the viewers feel that King Kong won the fight but in the long run Godzilla was really 2-1 with the better record their is no proof that King Kong truly defeated Godzilla maybe the monsters went their separate ways maybe King Kong was retreating? I really wish they made a sequel to this with Godzilla in the title role and winning this time. A sequel or a remake is possible now that Warner Bros. has acquired Legendary, Warner Bros. owns the rights to King Kong  and Legendary owns Godzilla rights now so it is possible but very unlikely but it doesn't hurt to hope. One thing I did like about this movie was that they made it feel like a true sequel to Godzilla Raids Again by having him emerge from the ice he was buried in. This movie was great but as a Godzilla fan I want to see Godzilla come out on top and not King Kong definitely watch this movie though.

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