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Review: Pacific Rim[2013]

My Thoughts:
As you can tell this reviews arrangement is a little bit different than my regular reviews, normally I give a detailed summary of the plot, but since this is a new movie I do not want to spoil it for everyone so I will save the spoilers for after the break. So my thoughts on this was DAMN AMAZING!!! Easily the best movie I have seen in along time the last time I felt the way I did coming out of this movie was when I saw Dark Knight Rises. I got out of the theatre and wanted to run right back in and watch it again immediately, it was that good! The fight scenes were awesome! The 3D actually the nicest I have seen in a movie I still think , 3D is unnecessary and gimmicky but hey it actually added to the movie a little for once. I was lucky enough to have an IMAX theatre near by me to see this movie and enjoy the explosions and see the Jaegers and Kaijus in the massive size they were meant to be seen. The story was pretty cool and interesting especially since it took place in the very near future (2020's). The characters were great especially Charlie Day from Always Sunny he was hysterical. I was very happy that they paid tribute to Ishiro Honda, and they also had a little easter egg in naming the Kaiju rating system the "Serizawa Scale" a little homage to Godzilla. The movie does end with a little after credits easter egg a "rumble" others claim it is a roar I say it is more of a rumble or growl, not really worth sitting through the whole credits for I got lucky and caught the end of the credits from the previous showing when I got in the theatre, if you are going to wait for anything wait for the short little scene in the middle of the credits and leave after that like I said it is just a rumble and a black screen.  So if you have not seen this movie go see it!

The Plot:
Corpse of One of the First Kaiju
The movie opens with a montage narrated by the main character Raleigh it shows he explains how the Kaiju first came when he was only 15 years old that they were alien creatures that came from bellow the Pacific through a portal type field called the breach. Raleigh explains that when the Kaiju first came that the first one took 6 days to defeat with tanks, bombs, and aircraft, then second came shortly after, then a third, it became apparent that modern day weapons would not be enough to stop the Kaiju if they kept coming through the breach. Then the Jaegers were created they were first controlled by a single pilot through a neural link between the human mind and the machine. The single pilots could not handle controlling the Jaegers at first and proved to be fatal in early trials so it was decided that two human minds were needed to connect to each other first then to the Jaegers. The Jaegers started winning and the human race started to rebuild. Earth finally had its answer to the they thought.
Raleigh and Yancy Becket
The movie than cuts to an alarm going off in an army base and Raleigh is awoken by his older brother and co-pilot Yancy Becket. The two brothers take off and gear up for battle, there is a Kaiju in the Pacific heading towards Alaska and they are have to stop it. The two brothers get in their Jaeger "Gipsy Danger" they strap in then we see the drift which is the mind link between the two pilots they enter each others mind and become synced know each others thoughts and memories.  The two brothers take off with orders to eliminate the Kaiju but they are informed that their is a fishing boat right above the breach where the Kaiju is, they are ordered to take out the Kaiju first then worry about help the fishing boat after their orders are complete. They arrive Gipsy Danger just as the Kaiju named "Knifehead" rises in the ocean the two brothers ignore orders and grab the boat first and place as far out of harms way as they can. While moving the boat Knifehead moves in for the attack on Gipsy Danger, Gipsy Danger drops the boat safetly and begins fighting Knifehead the fight is pretty close but Gipsy Danger manages to defeat Knifehead...or so the Becket brothers thought they begin to walk away back towards the fishing boat to make sure it is safe when their commanding officer Stacker Pentecost starts yelling at them over the radio for disobeying orders and going for the ship before the Kaiju. Back at the base they begin to detect reading of the Kaiju again on the radar the Kaiju jumps out of the ocean and attacks Gipsy Danger off guard Knifehead rips Gipsy Danger apart and tears Yancy from the cockpit of Gipsy Danger and sends him to his death. Alone Raleigh defeats Knifehead and stumbles back to shore and the barely functioning Gipsy Danger collapses onto the shore of Alaska.
Bladehead Breaking Through The Wall
Fast forward 5 years later after the Knifehead Raleigh is retired from the Jaeger program after his brothers death. Raleigh is now working in construction building a massive wall in Alaska that is supposed to wall of the Pacific to keep the Kaiju in the Pacific away from land. Stacker Pentecost is in a conference with all the worlds leaders and is informed that his Jaeger program has been stopped the Jaegers are no longer a match for these high category Kaijus. Pentecost fights and insist that the program is humanities last chance but the leaders don't give they are more interested in the wall. After Raleigh completes his shift all the workers are cleaning up when a news broadcast comes on, a Kaiju named "Bladehead" had broken through the wall in Australia with ease but luckily the Jaeger Striker Eureka was only a short distance from Australia being moved, and was able to stop the Blasdehead. All the workers begin arguing about risking their lives to build the wall for a next to nothing pay while this is going on Raleigh hears an army helicopter and walks out side just in time to see Pentecost's helicopter land. Pentecost ask Raleigh to come out of retirement to help him make one final push against the Kaiju. Pentecost reveals that he has moved all the remaining Jaegers to a base in Japan and that he has a plan to close the breach. Raleigh declines but Pentecost responds asking if he would "Rather die behind a wall or in a Jaeger" that question changes Raleigh's mind quickly.
Raleigh arrives on base with Pentecost and is introduced to Mako Mori the woman who has been put in charge of finding Raleigh an eligible co-pilot that he will be compatible and able to drift with. Raleigh is introduced to Pentecost's two researchers Dr. Newton a funny scientist with a big obsession with Kaijus ,and then the very analytical research Gottlieb. The two researchers make a funny duo that are often at each others throats, trying to prove each other wrong. Pentecost reveals that his plan is to send the four remaining Jaegers that they have at the base down into the breach with a massive nuclear weapon to blow it up and make the breach implode on itself. Raleigh talks to Mako and ask her how the candidates are that she has for him she answers saying that they are good but not to convincingly. Raleigh ask Mako if she wants to be a pilot she tells him she would like to one day he than learns that she has a 41-0 win on the Jaeger simulator. Raleigh ask her why she is not a candidate and she reveals that Pentecost won't allow it. Raleigh begins doing combat practice with the co-pilot candidates. Raleigh defeats all the candidates no problem but Mako is not impressed, Raleigh ask her to go up against him but Pentecost intervenes and refuses to allow it. Raleigh ends up convincing Pentecost to let Mako do combat with him. Mako and Raleigh fight and are closely matched but in the end Mako comes out on top. Raleigh demands that Mako be his copilot but Pentecost refuse, once again Raleigh argues with him and finally convinces him to let Mako be his copilot.
Mako's Flashback
Mako and Raleigh go to the newly rebuilt Gipsy Danger for a test run they get strapped in and begin to drift. Everything seems fine until Mako becomes consumed in a flashback from when she was a child. The flashback begins and a very young Mako is running down the street alone in a destroyed Tokyo a giant crab like Kaiju named Onibaba rises from the rubble of Tokyo and begins running toward Mako. Mako runs down an alley and starts crying and hiding behind a dumpster as Onibaba struggles to try and reach her down the tight alley when the Jaeger Coyote Tango jumps in and makes quick work of Onibaba. Mako leaves the alley and sees Pentecost rise from the cockpit of Coyote Tango, it is here where we discover why Pentecost did not want Mako fighting, she was like a daughter to him, and him a father to her. While that whole flashback sequence was happening the drift was broken and Mako raised her arm in position to fire the Plasma Cannon of Gipsy danger at the base, she was stuck in the flash back like a dream and had no control of her body. Luckily they manage to cut all power to Gipsy Danger before the cannon could fire.

While the trial run was going on with Gipsy Danger Dr. Newton managed to drift with a fragment of a Kaiju brain. While drifting Dr. Newton discovers that the Kaiju are being cloned and controlled by aliens and sent to earth as an invading force to wipe out the human race so that the aliens can then inhabit earth. Pentecost then insist that the Doctor get more information and drift again with the Kaiju brain. Dr. Newton says he cannot do it again that he needs a full healthy intact Kaiju brain. Pentecost sends Dr. Newton to a black market Kaiju organs dealer named Hannibal Chau. Dr. Newton leaves immediately and tracks down Hannibal Chau. Dr. Newton ask Hannibal Chau for a fully intact Kaiju brain, Chau says that it will cost to much and is near impossible. Dr. Newton then tells Chau that the Kaiju's second brain which is much smaller than the primary brain will do.
Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon
Back at base Pentecost is arguing with Raleigh and blames him for putting everyone in danger by asking for Mako to be his co-pilot. The Kaiju alarm goes of and two category four Kaiju are rising from the ocean to attack Japan. Dr. Newton is on shore and reveals to Chau that he drifted with the Kaiju brain fragment, Chau then blames Dr. Newton for the oncoming Kaiju attack that is about to occur he says that a drift is a two way street and that what ever the Doctor know the Kaiju now know. Chau tells Dr. Newton to go out on the streets and try and survive himself, then Chau will consider getting the brain for the Doctor. Back at base Pentecost scrambles three Jaegers, Striker Eureka, Cherno Alpha(an old Russian Jaeger), and Crimson Typhoon a Japanese Jaeger piolets by triplets. Pentecost ground Gipsy Danger and the other three go out to fight the Kaiju. The Crimson Typhoon is the first Jaeger to arrive just as the Kaijus Otachi, and Letherback rise from the ocean. Crimson Typhoon puts up a good fight but is double teamed by the two Kaiju and ripped apart. Cherno Alpha and Striker Eureka then arrive, Striker takes Otachi while, Cherno takes Letherback. Leatherback is an large ape like Kaiju and Otachi a lizard like Kaiju with a tail that almost acts as a third arm. The fights are pretty evenly matched until Otachi shots a blue substances that melts a hole in Cherno's cockpit. Leatherback then downs Cherno and forces it underwater as the cockpit fills with ocean water as the pilots drown. Cherno explodes under the pressure and only Strike remains. Striker looks to have Otachi just about defeated when Leatherback unleashes an EMP like weapon on its back that wipes out all electronics with in miles Strike is now offline and just standing in the ocean useless. Otachi seeing Striker is no longer a threat turns and takes off into Hong Kong to find Dr. Newton.

The pilots are banged up inside Striker are stranded while Leatherback circles trying to figure out how he is going to finish Striker off. Pentecost then realizing that Gipsy Danger is the only Jaeger that runs on nuclear power only decides to let Mako and Raleigh go out to face the two Kaiju. The two pilot in Striker decide to go outside and shoot Leatherback in the eye with flare guns. Leatherback gets angry and is about to attack the two pilots but Gipsy Danger arrives and draws Leatherbacks attention. Gipsy Danger goes straight after Leatherback and rips the organ on Leatherback that caused the EMP off Leatherback. Gipsy Danger fights Leather back and they move to shore Gipsy Danger kills Leatherback but this time Raleigh fires some extra plasma cannon shots in Leatherbacks corpse to make sure the Kaiju is dead. Back in the city Dr. Newton is underground in an emergency shelter but Otachi has found him and is punching through the ground just as Otachi about to get him Gipsy Danger arrives. Gipsy Danger Proceeds to beat Otachi with a freight liner being used like a baseball bat. Otachi proves to be a very tough opponent for Gipsy Danger. Gipsy manages to rip out the tongue that Otachi is using to spray the blue liquid that can melt steal than Otachi wraps it self around Gipsy Danger. Gipsy looks doomed but then fires off a cooling agent onto the tail that Otachi has wrapped around them the tail freezes and Gipsy Danger shatters the tail like glass. Otachi with no tail and no tongue seems defeated, but then reveals the wings that it had tucked in its arms the beast takes flight and grabs Gipsy Danger. Otachi drags Gipsy Danger up into space everything begins freezing and Gipsy looks doomed all weapon and ammo empty. Then Mako reveals the last weapon Gipsy Danger has a massive chain that shoots out from Gipsy Danger's arm and stiffens to form a sword Mako drives the Sword in to Otachi and defeats the Kaiju. Gipsy Danger than falls from the sky and makes a dramatic landing in the middle of Hong Kong. Everyone is celebrating the victory has a just been had the Doctor returns to chow demanding a brain from one of the two recently killed Kaijus. Pentecost reminds everyone that it was not a complete success ,and that they lost two Jaegers and their crews.

Pentecost then tells Raleigh and Mako not to get comfortable that they are going back out to close the breach for good. Dr. Newton arrives to Otachi's corpse with Chau and his crew. While inside Otachi Chau's crew calls over the radio to Chau and says that the second brain has been destroyed. The crew than says that they hear something inside Otachi, Dr. Newton takes the radio from Chau and listens. He hears the sound and discovers that Otachi was pregnant. Just as the Doctor says Otachi is pregnant screams come over the radio and the young Otachi comes bursting out of the corpse. The young Kaiju goes straight for Dr. Newtown but ends up choking itself on the still attached umbilical cord. Chau said he figured that would happen as the Kaiju was not fully developed and has weak longs as he throws his knife at the baby Kaiju's body it awakes with one last breath and swallows Chau. The Doctor than begins to set up to drift with the baby Kaiju. Back at base two Kaiju have passed through the breach and seem to be guarding it. Pentecost suits up with the non-injured pilot of Striker Eureka and says that Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger are going to go face the Kaiju and destroy the breach. The two Jaegers set off for battle. Back at the site of the dead Kaiju Dr. Newton is about to drift with the Kaiju and Gottlieb volunteers to drift with him to make the process less dangerours. The two scientist drift and learn that in order to get through the breach a Kaiju needs to be present and going through the breach with what ever material they want going through such as the bomb. The scientist realize that the plan won't work and scramble back to base.

 Gypsy Danger, and Striker arrive at the breach to discover the two Kaiju Raiju and Scunner just standing over it waiting. Pentecost seems to suspicious and radios back to base to see if they have any info. Dr. Newton and Gottlieb arrive just in time to reveal that in order to get through the rift the jaegers will need to latch onto a Kaiju and fall through it the battle commences Gipsy and Striker are losing badly. A third Kaiju rises from the breach during the fight but this is the first ever category 5 the goes by the name Slattern. While this is going on Raiju charges at Gipsy but Gipsy draws its sword and cuts Raiju in half. Scunner and Slattern are just ripping apart Striker, and Gipsy Danger has lost an arm and one of the legs is badly damaged. Gipsy is stumbling towards Striker to help but is to slow to help. Pentecost says their is nothing that can be done to save them so he sacrifices himself and sets off Strikers self destruct mode and kills Scunner.

 Only Gipsy and an injured Slattern remain Gipsy grabs onto Slattern and falls into the breach. Mako is loosing oxygen when they fall through the breach so Raleigh gives her his oxygen and he begins to set the self-destruct mode as he send a dazed Mako up to the surface in an escape pod. Raleigh has to manually set the self-destruct, he does than with little oxygen gets in an escape pod and bails out of Gipsy Danger as Gipsy's massive Nuclear reactor explodes and seals the breach. Both escape pods surface Mako first opens up her pod successfully but there is no movement in Raleigh's. Mako jumps in the ocean swims to Raleigh's pod and forces it open. Raleigh is not breathing she holds him and starts to screaming for him not to die he wakes up and tells her she is squeezing him to hard. The helicopters come and pick them up they have one the war and sealed the breach.

The credits roll and in the middle of the credits a short clips shows Hannibal Chau cutting his way out of the baby Kaiju. After the credits end you hear a rumble, other claim it is a roar but to me it is a rumble, if anything I will call it a growl barely that. So I guess that means we can expect a Pacific Room 2 or maybe an Atlantic Rim?

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