Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kaiju War Chronicles Review: Gorosaurus vs Kumonga

Today I am covering the Kaiju War Chronicle Gorosaurus vs Kumonga (Click for Chronicle Story) by James Webster. This story had very surprising ending ,and I really enjoyed this story because I feel Gorosaurus is a Kaiju that never really got much attention.

The fight starts off with Kumonga walking around Monster Island when Gorosaurus appears and quickly attacks Kumonga. This fight is pretty one sided Gorosaurus was on the constant attack the
whole fight and Kumonga just tried to defend itself. Gorosaurus was constantly crushing and jumping on Kumonga. At the end of the fight just as it looks like Gorosaurus is about to finish of Kumonga, Kumonga manages to flail out of desperation and two of his legs impale Gorosaurus thigh and Gorosaurus begins to bleed. The wound inflicted on Gorosaurus was to bleeding and to much for Gorosaurus to stand on he ends up collapsing and Kumonga gets off its back and begins spraying Gorosaurus with web. Kumonga continues covering the bleeding out Gorosaurus for hours until lay motionless, as a final blow Kumonga injects the fallen Gorosaurus with it venomous barb. Kumonga then proceeds to feast on the Gorosaurus body. Kumonga in the end is the victor.
This story was great the whole time I was reading this I was like wow Kumonga is getting it real bad from Gorosaurus, and Kumonga looks pathetic but in the end Kumonga got one lucky hit in their that completely turned the fight around almost like a boxing match. The fight was a very good one with a surprising outcome and that is what made this story so good. Like I said earlier I really wish we saw more of Gorosaurus in the movies he first appeared in King Kong Escapes and in my opinion the movie where he got the most screen  shinning moments was Destroy All Monsters, I think he should of at least got a brief in Final Wars. Anyway that is all I have to say about this fight it was a shame Gorosaurus went out like that but at least he got some attention in this story. Thank you for reading and keep a look out for the next Kaiju War Chronicles review!

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