Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Could Have Been: Continuation: King Kong Vs. Godzilla[1963]

The Plot: King Kong and Godzilla return to battle each other once again. Yes that is all the plot is or about as far as this idea got to having a plot.

My Thoughts: Well obviously there is not much to go of from the plot so I will just give my thoughts on a sequel. I thought covering this movie would be a good idea since I just covered the King Kong vs SpaceGodzilla Kaiju War Chronicles story yesterday.This movie never got past the proposal stage but with adjustments to inflation the original King Kong vs Godzilla would be the highest grossing Godzilla movie ever, with that being said it is obvious why they would want to make a sequel. The sequels name was actually going to be called "Continuation: King Kong vs Godzilla" the name could use a little work I would have just called it King Kong vs Godzilla 2. I think a lot of Kaiju fans would like to see a rematch, I personally would like to see one myself especially one where Godzilla is declared the winner. In my opinion( as many of you who read my articles know) I think Godzilla was the overall winner of the first movie but they seem to play it off as a win for Kong(which annoys me).
 Now that Universal who has the rights to King Kong and Legendary who is making the new 2014 Godzilla movie are both partners it is possible that they can do a remake of King Kong vs Godzilla. If they did do a King Kong vs Godzilla movie based on the new model of Kong and Godzilla, Kong would look like a dwarf compared to Godzilla, the size difference is big and it is safe to say Kong would be dropped easily by Kong. If they did do a King Kong vs Godzilla remake I assume they would come up with some way to make King Kong bigger or Godzilla smaller I really doubt that it would happen unless Toho starts producing Godzilla movies again which I heard they may due. I mean I think it is very slightly possible that they will make a King Kong vs Godzilla from what I hear that new Man of Steel with Batman is basically going to be Superman vs Batman supposedly. Anyway we all want a King Kong vs Godzilla sequel but chances of it happening are extremely slim. So all we can do is look forward to Godzilla 2014 for now and hope that it does good. 

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  1. In the Japanese release of the film, Godzilla did win. You can probably see that ending online somewhere. Sure enough: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvgklp_king-kong-vs-godzilla-jap-ending_shortfilms