Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Gamera the Invincible (1965)

The Plot:
The movie opens in the North Pole, where a Soviet fighter jet gets shot down by the Americans for not responding to them questioning why the jet was trespassing over American Territory. The crash result in an explosion setting off the bombs that the jet had onboard. The explosion then awakens the ancient Gamera. Gamera then destroys the American jets ,that shot down the Soviet jet. The Americans are unaware of Gamera's existence, so they have no clue what has just happened to their jets. Gamera disappears into the ocean leaving no evidence as to why the Americans lost their jets.

Gamera then appears in Japan and launches a brief attack on Sagami Bay. Gamera's existence now becomes known to the world, while strange reports of UFO are also being reported across the world.  Gamera then appears in Tokyo ,and it is discovered that Gamera was the UFO that has been seen across the world Gamera has the ability to go into his shell then take flight. While Gamera is attacking, the military observes that Gamera seems to feed off fire and gain energy from it. A Plan is soon devised to lure Gamera with giant fires then trap him in a capsule and launch him into space on a rocket. The plan is successful and the world is free from Gamera...for now.

My Thoughts:

The plot I wrote above is not as detailed as normal because I watched this movie a while ago, so this movie is not as fresh in my head as when I usually write my reviews. So here it is Godzilla Island's first Gamera review.

 I did enjoy this movie ,and I actually got a few laughs out of it also. This movie is great but right off the bat I can tell why Gamera movies never reached the level of popularity that Godzilla has achieved. This movie was incredibly corny but I really enjoyed watching it.

 There is no Godzilla movie that I have seen that can even come close to the level of corniness in this movie. There was a whole side story where this boy who had a massive obsession with turtles gets saved by Gamera, after Gamera destroys the light house the boy was in. So the kid would have not needed to be saved if Gamera didn't put him in danger in the first place. Any way the kid becomes obsessed with Gamera after being saved ,and states the famous quote "I Like Turtles" I just laughed when the kid said that. Then there is another part where the UN or whatever has a conference to try to figure out how to defeat Gamera ,and they dub a horrible stereotypical Asian accent over one of the characters having him pronounces his L's like R's it was almost like listening to Kim Jong-Il in Team America or any Asian character ever portrayed on South Park that's how bad. And Finally the capture Gamera, put him in a rocket and shoot him off to space idea just seemed like something out of a Looney Tunes segment.

Now don't get me wrong, yes this movie was hilariously corny, but I really did enjoy the Kaiju action in it, and I would totally watch it again. This movie was such an easy pick for Mystery Science Theatre to make fun of. If you are a Kaiju fan ,and have never seen a Gamera movie I suggest checking out this movie but in my opinion I really enjoy the newer Gamera movies from the 90's much more.

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