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Review: The Return of Godzilla(Godzilla 1985)

The Plot:
This movie starts out on a fishing boat during a storm. The boat has drifted off course due to the strong current. The crew then realizes they are nearing an Island which then explodes. A loud roar is heard after these explosions. The next day a reporter is out at sea sailing on his boat when he spots the fishing boat drifting. The reporter boards the ship ,and discovers many dead crew members. The reporter then finds one crew member in a locker hiding but frozen in shock with a knife in his hand. The reporter attempts to pry the knife from the fisherman's hand as he is doing this a large beetle like creature flies down from the ceiling ,and attacks the reporter. The reporter wrestles with the creature attempting to fight it off with the knife but fails. The fisherman who was in shock comes to the reporters aid ,and kills the creature with a butchers knife. The reporter ask the fisherman what had happened on board the fishing, the fisherman reveals that the island started to move ,and that something big killed his crew members.

We then cut to Japan's Prime Minister's office where he has been informed of the attack. They have no doubt that it is Godzilla who was the cause of the attack. It has been 30 years since the first attack that caused billions of dollars in damage, and  a massive death toll. The Prime Minister does not want to cause mass panic until they are positive that it is Godzilla. Prime Minister also claims that no one even knows if Godzilla will attack Japan again.

The film then brings us to a Russian submarine which has picked up something on its radar. The object is heading straight for them at a fast speed. The Russians fire 2 torpedoes at the object thinking that it may be a hostile submarine attacking them. The two torpedoes make contact but the hostile object does not slow. The Russians make an emergency descent to the bottom of the ocean in an attempt to hide, but they fail miserably. We next see two massive claws grab the submarine ,and rip it apart.

The Russians now believe that America has attacked them, and begin preparing for war. America picks up on the Russian defenses moving into action ,and they too begin to prepare for war. With Russia ,and America on the brink of war the Japanese Prime Minister has no choice but to call a press conference ,and reveal to the world that after 30 years Godzilla has returned.

The Americans, Russians, and Japanese then meet up to discuss a plan to fight Godzilla. Russia ,and America demand that Japan allow them to use nuclear weapons on Godzilla, if Godzilla does indeed attack Japan. Japan refuses to allow nuclear weapons to be used ,and insist on alternative means of battling Godzilla.

The reporter is now working with a Professor who specializes in mutations such as the one that created Godzilla. Godzilla makes landfall ,and attacks a nuclear power plant. The professor and the reporter record the entire attack. During the attack Godzilla goes into the nuclear reactor ,and absorbs the radiation almost feeding off it getting energy. A flock of birds flies by Godzilla . Godzilla follows the birds back into the ocean. The scientist ,and the reporter figure out that Godzilla's brain is similar to that of a birds. Godzilla was guided away by frequency of the birds chirping.

The Professor along with reporter go reveal their discovery to Japans defense force, and come up with a plan to get rid of Godzilla. The professor reveals that they can use the frequency to guide Godzilla to a volcano ,and set off a controlled eruption that will get rid of Godzilla.  Japan's defense force approves of the plan ,and gets straight to work preparing. We also discover that Japan has been working on an Aircraft called the Super X.

Godzilla begins his attack on Japan. Godzilla marches across Tokyo destroying trains, crushing buildings, and blowing up cars causing chain reaction explosions. What the Japanese ,and Americans are unaware of is that when Godzilla came into Tokyo Bay that there was a Russian ship with a trigger to a nuclear missile orbiting in space. During the attack the missiles launch command was sent.

The Super X arrives ,and begins battling Godzilla. Right away the Super X crew manages to fire 3 cadmium missiles into Godzilla's mouth knocking him out. Everyone thinks Godzilla is dead but the Professor has I his doubts, so he keeps moving forward with his plan to lure Godzilla to the volcano. Meanwhile the Japanese ,and Americans have become aware of the nuclear missile heading for Tokyo. The Americans then launch a counter missile to blow up the nuke. The counter missile destroys the nuclear missile but it causes a burst of nuclear radiation in that atmosphere which results in a radioactive storm which energizes Godzilla ,and wakes him up.

Godzilla is now awake ,and pissed off as he begins his attack on the Super X. The radiation blast does some serious electrical damage to the Super X causing system failures. Godzilla keeps attacking the Super X, and hits it with his radioactive breath causing even more damage forcing it to land. Godzilla then knocks over a skyscraper which crushes ,and buries the Super X under it.

The professor has now reached the volcano and sets of the frequency drawing Godzilla to the volcano. Godzilla arrives at the Volcano and the eruption is set off. We watch Godzilla slowly slip into the Volcano, as the world can now rest easy ,and not have to worry about Godzilla for now.

My Thoughts:

The Return of Godzilla! An appropriate movie to mark the return of Godzilla Island. This was always one of my favorite Godzilla movies. I have been watching all the Godzilla movies in order ,and going from the Showa series to this movie is a big change. It is a reintroduction to Godzilla, a movie that I feel compares to the darkness of Godzilla 1985. This movie is not about Godzilla saving the day it is about Godzilla punishing humanity for its mistakes. There is death, destruction, no happy endings for this movie. This darkness makes this movie a great way to bring back Godzilla ,and make everyone take him seriously. As much as I love the Showa serious there were a few films that made Godzilla seem almost goofy like Godzilla's Revenge(All Monsters Attack, Godzilla vs Megalon , and Godzilla vs Hedorah. Don't get me wrong I love every single one of those ,and yes even Godzilla's Revenge which often gets bashed and called possibly the worst Godzilla movies ever made. The Return of Godzilla is a made in away that leaves you thinking about humanities mistakes, and feeling bad for Godzilla a creature who was forced into this world by these mistakes. I am hoping that Godzilla's 2014 return will be as great as this movie is.

 So check this movie out it is not available in the U.S. on DVD  legitimately because of copy right issues of some sort but you can get real great quality I guess you can say bootleg copy from this website. I bought the 3 disc set ,and the picture quality was great ,and the price is really fair. The first disc is the English dub, the second is the Japanese version with English subs, and the third disc as a making of extra which is 43 minutes long but is not in English or subtitled. I would suggest getting the 2 disc set if you don't understand Japanese. The Pictures of the set are bellow you can see the box and disc art.

 I have not posted anything in along time as you may know but work is starting to slow down ,and thing should start to be going back to normal. I had planned on posting a few reviews but it has been awhile since I watched the movies I wanted to review so I will have to re-watch them as everything from the past 2 months has been kind of a blur. I was watching the movies in order and plan to keep moving on through the series so unfortunately those movie will not be re-watched until I complete the Hesei and millennium series. I have  some comic reviews I will be posting I have issue #4 and #5 of Rulers of Earth which I believe unfortunately will be ending at issue #8. I also received the Pacific Rim graphic novel which is a prequel to the movie so that will be another review to look forward to. Thank you all for reading , and don't forget to celebrate Godzilla birthday on Sunday, will we get a 2014 trailer then? Hopefully!

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