Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Rodan[1956]

The Plot: 
In a small mining village in Japan near a volcano two miners go missing after hitting a pocket of water that floods the mineshaft. A search party goes looking for them and they discover one of the miners bodies floating in the shaft. The body of the miner is taken to the hospital and it is discovered that the miners death was no result of an accident he was killed. The doctors can not identify what the weapon is that killed the miner. So a group of three miners and a police officer return to the shaft for the other miner that was missing from the accident, who they believe killed the miner that they found. The search party reaches the shaft and they hear a strange noise as they are walking through the water the first miner is pulled underwater by something, the officer begins shooting but he and the second miner are pulled down quickly, the third miner manages to run up the shaft and reach a phone he begins to dial to the mine headquarters but is killed by whatever is down in the shaft. When the bodies of the miners and officer show up in the hospital they begin to suspect that the victims had not been killed by a crazed miner but by something else.