Friday, July 26, 2013

Funny Godzilla vs Zilla Picture

Hey everyone I figured I would through this picture up I found on reddit the other day thought it was funny. I will be leaving Sunday for an 8 day out of country vacation so I will not be updating the page until August 5th or 6th most likely I might throw something up on the page tomorrow but I am not sure I have to see how busy I will be getting ready. Thanks for reading everyone I will be back soon with more reviews and news! Source link is here.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

IDW Artist Matt Frank Godzilla 2014 Art

With the recently leaked footage Matt Frank artist for the Godzilla Rulers of Earth comic series posted his attempt of sketching the new Godzilla 2014....I think he did a pretty awesome job.

Comic Book Review: Godzilla The Half-Century War Complete Series

The Plot:
This comic series follows two members of a Japanese tank battalion turned Godzilla specialist named Ota Murakami and Kentaro Yoshihara. The book tells the history of Godzilla from Ota's perspective across a 50 year time span. The book starts off in 1954 with Ota and Kentaro being called into Tokyo with the army they are unsure of what is going on they were just told there has been a natural disaster they are patrolling the streets when building is hit with a fire blast and explodes they are unsure of what just happened and proceed with caution then a giant foot steps out from behind a building it is Godzilla. Ota and Kentaro's whole tank battalion gets wiped out by Godzilla and only their tank remains Godzilla then begins moving towards the evacuation point where all the unarmed civilians are located. Knowing that they have the last tank available Ota and Kentaro begin firing on Godzilla with their tank to get his attention Godzilla then begins to pursuit them through the city as Kentaro races the tank through the city Ota guides him through the city, once the civilians are safely evacuated artillery support is sent in and the two manage to escape Godzilla and the artillery blast. The two were then brought two the hospital for treatment to minor wounds and managed to get out in time to watch the Navy track down Godzilla and defeat him in the bay with a new secret weapon.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Godzilla Encounter Latest Updates and Translations Gallery.


Here is a Gallery of some of the latest Godzilla Encounter post. This time we see pictures from the actual Comic-Con encounter, we also see more timeline post and quotes.

Review: King Kong vs Godzilla [1962]

The Plot:
The movie opens up with a T.V show discussion about a rare berry with many medicinal purposes that is located on Faro Island a remote Island located in the Pacific. The owner of the Pharmaceutical company Mr. Tako that distributes the berry medicine hears that natives on Faro Island worship a Giant Monster God. Mr. Tako frustrated with the poor rating and views of the T.V. Show his company sponsors demands that he have his own monster to boost ratings so he sends two men to go get him his monster.

Review: Godzilla Raids Again[1955]

The Plot:
Two pilots named Tsukioka and Kobayashi have the jobs of flying low across the sea in order to spot schools of tuna for fishermen to catch for their tuna fish company. While on a search Kobayashi nears Iwato Island (a small Island formed from a volcanic eruption) his plane breaks down and he is forced to land in the shallow water of the Iwato Island. Tsukioka lands and is relieved to see that Kobayashi is safe while helping Kobayashi back to the plane they hear roars and than two Kaiju appear and begin fighting they recognize Godzilla and flee.

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Godzilla 2014 Leaked GiF from Encounter!

Well here it is what all the fans wanted to see thanks to a link from I am very happy about this and this has to be the real deal since the video it was taken from has been flagged and taken down by Warner Bros. I just finished watching Son of Godzilla and was just hopping on my computer to write my Godzilla Raids Again blog but this has me so excited!!! I just saw the live video with sound absolutely amazing! Don't know how long the video will be available for so check the link.

Review: Godzilla, King of the Monsters(English Version)[1956]

The Plot:
Reporter Steve Martin is on his way to Cairo when he stops over in Japan when he lands he is questioned by local authorities and asked if he saw anything suspicious while flying. He says no ask why they asked. Apparently the course the plane flew would of took them of the wreckage of a ship that was attacked by an unknown force and they wanted to know if he saw anything. The new of the mysteriously sunken ships gains Steve Martin's interest so he decides to hang around Japan instead and report on the ships. Ships from Japan continue to be attacked with claims of a light underwater, sudden fire every where and the ships are sunk in at impossible speeds with no survivors. Finally a ship wreck survivor washes ashore on a small inhabited native island. Steve Martin flies to the Island immediately and discovers that the island natives believe that it is an underwater god that is sinking the ships. Steve calls his reporting agency and tells them of the god attacking the ships and the news agency tells him to stay with the possibility of a monster being responsible for these attacks. That night on the island a house gets crushed by something big and the next day a paleontologist arrives to investigate there is a massive foot  print in the rubble and high radiation readings. Steve and the natives set out on the island to look for the monster the natives call Godzilla while searching Godzilla rises above the mountains Steve and the natives flee. It is no apparent that the monster Godzilla is real and Steve rushes back to Tokyo.

A Big Let Down for Godzilla Fans Who Did Not Make it to Comic-Con.

Well all us fans that did not make it to Comic-Con are very disappointed. I sat at my computer yesterday watching live blogs of the Comic-Con and know a trailer was shown to the fans there but the trailer was not released to the public online just yet, so many Godzilla fans around the world had to let it sit in after months of waiting that they will have to wait a little longer to see the footage. Now we did not come away that empty handed we do know that the trailer involved some sort of giant insect, now was it a new Kaiju? or was it Kamacaurs, Kumonga, or Meganulon? From the discription I read the bug creature seemed large but than Godzilla's foot came on screen and then the insect Kaiju's size was nothing compared to Godzilla. I did not include Megalon in the list of insect Kaiju because if it was Megalon he would be about equal in size to Godzilla so I went with the Kaiju Insects that tend to run a smaller size. Other than the insect thing there really was not much that we got to see, so now we can just wait and see what is next.