Saturday, August 17, 2013

One of These Things is Not Like The Other

A funny post I spotted from a reddit user, who was browsing Amazon for Godzilla toys.

A Thank You To World War Kaiju!

I just wanted to make this post as a thank you to everyone working on World War Kaiju. I really appreciate all your work ,and want to thank you so much for featuring my article on your website. I may be far from a good writer but I do these articles for, fun out of my love ,and passion of all things Kaiju related. When I see people enjoying my views ,and opinions in my articles it brings me great joy ,and seeing that you guys enjoyed my article enough to feature it on your website sharing it with your supporters made my week. Once again thank you World War Kaiju, I look forward to reading your novel ,and featuring a review of it on my website. Good luck and may your novel be a great success!

T.V. Review: Godzilla The Original Animated Series: The Firebird (Episode 1)

This is a new piece that I will be featuring on Godzilla Island. I will be discussing episodes of Godzilla Animated series from the '70s, as well as episodes from the later series from the '90s. This article is about episode 1 titled "The Firebird" from the '70s series. The '70s series follows the crew of the Calico a research ship. The Calico's crew members are Captain Carl Majors, Dr. Quinn Darien, her nephew Pete, and her research assistant Brock. The crew also has Godzooky, who is Godzilla's goofy cousin, that is much smaller than him ,and has little wing flaps under his arms. Godzooky to me is like the Scooby-Doo of this gang, he can't talk but he is Pete's best friend. Captain Carl has a device that calls the final member of the Calico's team Godzilla. Now that I have gave you a little background of the show lets get into the first episode "The Firebird".

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kaiju War Chronicles Review: Gorosaurus vs Kumonga

Today I am covering the Kaiju War Chronicle Gorosaurus vs Kumonga (Click for Chronicle Story) by James Webster. This story had very surprising ending ,and I really enjoyed this story because I feel Gorosaurus is a Kaiju that never really got much attention.

Movie Review: Godzilla vs Hedorah(Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster)[1969]

The Plot:
The movie opens with a boy named Ken playing with his Godzilla toy, when a fisherman arrives at his house to see Ken's father Dr. Yano. The fisherman shows a strange dead fish that he found. The fish is black and resembles a tadpole, but it is not a tadpole. We then see on Dr. Yano's T.V. a monster has sunk an oil tanker ,and several other ships. Dr. Yano and Ken then head down to the bay where the fisherman found the strange fish. Dr. Yano goes in the bay with scuba gear and Ken stays on shore as a look out for him. While Dr. Yano is underwater Ken spots Hedorah the monster that attacked the ships. Hedorah begins swimming to shore towards Ken. Hedorah leaps out of the water towards Ken, but he leaps over Ken and gets cut by Ken's knife. Hedorah returns to the ocean where Dr. Yano is still investigating. Ken standing on shore begins to call out for his father to come back to shore, but Dr. Yano is to deep and unaware of the events that had just took place on the surfave. Dr. Yano spots Hedorah, but it is to late for him, and he gets attacked. Ken stands on the shore continuing to call for his father, and begging for his dad to come back, the scene ends leaving all viewers thinking that young Ken was left standing on shore while his dad was killed at the bottom of the ocean.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Could Have Been: Continuation: King Kong Vs. Godzilla[1963]

The Plot: King Kong and Godzilla return to battle each other once again. Yes that is all the plot is or about as far as this idea got to having a plot.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Kaiju War Chronicles Review: King Kong vs SpaceGodzilla

This is a new feature where I will be discussing the Kaiju War Chronicles from Toho Kingdom is one of my favorite websites for Kaiju  information. The Kaiju War Chronicles are fan fiction stories that revolve around fights between famous Kaiju. This article is covering King Kong Vs. SpaceGodzilla by Christian Salabert story located here.

Comic Book Review: Godzilla Rulers of Earth Issue #2

Godzilla Rulers of Earth #2 has been out a week now and here is my review. The book continues where we left of last time Godzilla and Zilla are battling in Hawaii. We learn about the human characters a little more we learn about a soldier that goes by the name Chavez. Chavez lost his family in a Godzilla attack, and took down three Kaiju piloting an unnamed Giant Robot with a little girl as his co-pilot. The only clue we can get on the robot is seen on his report but we do not see the full name it says "piloting O.O.C. Mecha.." it cuts off at the "Mecha" we can only assume Mechagodzilla. We are also introduced to Professor Kenji a Kaiju expert that is assembling a team of  Kaiju experts. Professor Kenji recruits Lucy Casprell the female character from the previous issue. We do not get a great explanation on what the team will be doing but I am sure it will be something interesting.

Review: Monster Island's Decisive Battle: Godzilla's Son (Son of Godzilla) [1967]

The Plot:
The movie opens with a crew flying over the ocean and their flight equipment is receiving some sort of interference they say resembles a brain wave, but they can't figure out where it is from, they then Godzilla in the ocean and they change course. They say that the interference is not Godzilla and the navigator gets out a map to figure out where the interference is coming from they discover it is coming from a strange Island called Sollgel Island.

Set Your DVR! Kaiju Movies on T.V. This Month.

I will be trying to set up an article every month that list the Godzilla and Kaiju movies that will be on T.V. so you can watch them or set your DVR(All times are EST). Here are this Months Movies:

Date: August 22nd

Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah
Channel: The CW
Time: 7:00 A.M.

Godzilla Vs Destroyah
Channel: The CW
Time: 9:00 A.M.

    Sunday, August 11, 2013

    Godzilla Fan Made Radioactive Imagine Dragons Music Video Done Right!

    I stumbled across this music video today posted on Reddit and the work put into it blew my mind. The synchronization with the events and the lyrics to the song are just perfect. This video was put together very well it is not just random clips of Godzilla movies thrown together to a song it is a lot better than that.