Saturday, November 2, 2013

Comic Review: Godzilla Rulers of Earth #4

Rulers of Earth Issue #4 starts off with everyone discussing the attack on the aircraft carrier from the previous issue. Early reports on the attack claimed it was Godzilla, but we all know it was Manda , and  Gezora. The defense forces are also now aware that they are dealing with an alien situation as well. We then see Godzilla down on a beach ,and news reporters are claiming he is dead. The reports are that Godzilla came to shore and collapsed. Godzilla wakes up just in time as small Destoroyah begin crawling all over him. Godzilla emits some sort of radiation burst from his body knocking all of the Destoroyah off him. A Giant Destoroyah rises from the ocean ,and the two begin battle. Meanwhile the defense forces is starting to get the idea that Godzilla is actually on their side ,and is trying to battle the other forces leading these attacks by the other Kaiju such as Zilla, Destoroyah, Manda, and Gezora.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Awesome Godzilla Shirt!

Godzilla Stomp Tokyo Previews Exclusive Wht T-Shirt XL
The website has these awesome Godzilla shirts for pre-order. TFAW is an awesome comic website I order all my Godzilla Rulers of Earth comics from here. Check it out here.

NYCC: Minor Godzilla Sightings

I was luck enough to attend my first Comic-Con ever this past month in New York city unfortunately Legendary wasn't there to have reveal any special Godzilla news like they did in San Diego. I did spot a few vendors selling some Godzilla things so here are a few pictures you might enjoy.

Review: The Return of Godzilla(Godzilla 1985)

The Plot:
This movie starts out on a fishing boat during a storm. The boat has drifted off course due to the strong current. The crew then realizes they are nearing an Island which then explodes. A loud roar is heard after these explosions. The next day a reporter is out at sea sailing on his boat when he spots the fishing boat drifting. The reporter boards the ship ,and discovers many dead crew members. The reporter then finds one crew member in a locker hiding but frozen in shock with a knife in his hand. The reporter attempts to pry the knife from the fisherman's hand as he is doing this a large beetle like creature flies down from the ceiling ,and attacks the reporter. The reporter wrestles with the creature attempting to fight it off with the knife but fails. The fisherman who was in shock comes to the reporters aid ,and kills the creature with a butchers knife. The reporter ask the fisherman what had happened on board the fishing, the fisherman reveals that the island started to move ,and that something big killed his crew members.