Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kaiju War Chronicles Review: Baragon vs. Gezora

This Kaiju War Chronicle I am reviewing from the Toho Kingdom library is Baragon vs. Gezora by Forrest Freund, he has wrote several Kaiju War Chronicle stories. Be sure to check out tohokingdom.com  for more stories. Read the story first here.

This story starts off with a bunch of whales that washed up on the shore of  Birth Island. Gezora picks up the scent of the decaying carcasses and comes to shore to feed. Soon a sleeping Baragon wakes up to the smell of the decaying whale and decides to go feed also. When Baragon arrives the two monsters immediately begin fighting. At close range Gezora has the advantage because once Baragon is caught in Gezora's ice cold tentacles he has no escape. Baragon escapes Gezora's clutch by firing off his volcanic breath and burning Gezora. Once Baragon figures out the Gezora is vulnerable to his volcanic blast, Baragon begins tunneling underground and hitting him from long range. Gezora has no long range abilities so he is forced to retreat back into the ocean. Baragon begins feeding on the dead whales figuring Gezora has left for good. Gezora waits a little for Baragon to become distracted by his meal then sneaks up on Baragon and attempts to drag him into the ocean to drown him. At this point it is looks bad for Baragon because he is about to be submerged under water and no matter how hard he claws and bites Gezora's grip does not loosen. Finally out of desperation Baragon notices a burnt patch of skin on Gezora and plunges his horn into it and rips it off exposing Gezora's internal organs. Gezora's grip loosens on Baragon, allowing Baragon to force his head into the open wound and unleash a fatal volcanic blast inside Gezora. Baragon is the victor and not only gets to eat the whales but also takes extra time to feed on Gezora.

This was another entertaining story written by Forrest Freund over at Toho Kingdom. I really have enjoyed Forrest's stories. The most recent review of his work I did was Zilla vs. Titanosaurus. What I like about this story is we get to hear about monsters that never really got much screen time. Baragon first appeared in Frankenstein Conquers the World and also made a few brief appearances in some Godzilla movies. Gezora only appeared in the Space Amoeba and briefly in Godzilla Final Wars. Gezora has recently appeared in a few issues of Godzilla Rulers Of Earth. Baragon is one of those native monsters of monster island that I always had an interest in. Baragon has the burrowing and jumping abilities of Anguirus, along with the fiery breath of Godzilla, making him a very fast and dangerous foe. Gezora is a giant squid like creature in this story Forrest refers to Gezora as a giant cuttlefish which does is also very accurate description of Gezora's appearance as cuttlefish are squid like creatures. Gezora's disadvantage in this fight was that his only ability is his ice cold grip and along with his ability to wrap his tentacles around his victims to choke/ bind them. If Gezora was facing off against another short range fighter like Gorosaurus, I think Gezora would have won but Baragon's ability to distance himself and hit Gezora with blast was the ultimate advantage in this fight. Baragon was able to tunnel under ground and keep hitting Gezora with his blast while his body remained safely underground. Gezora's subzero body temperature is only an advantage at close range. Baragons big horn is also another weapon that Baragon has in his arsenal. Imagining this battle in my head as I read was certainly entertaining.

Kaiju War Chronicles are really fun to read and I highly recommend heading over to tohokingdom.com to read them. If you have never heard of Toho Kingdom head over there because it is probably the best Godzilla site on the web with a lot of great stuff. Finally another shout out and thank you to Forrest Freund for an awesome story to read and review.

Source: Toho Kingdom

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