Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monster Profile: Bemular

Name: Bemular a.k.a Bemlar
Movie Appearances: Ultraman Episode 1 "Ultra Operation #1"

Bemular is a kaiju that walks on two legs and resembles a reptilian like creature. Bemular's body looks very similar to an alligator or crocodile's. Bemular has pointy spikes from the top of his head down his back. Another recognizable feature of Bemular is his rear teeth are longer and  stick out like tusk. Bemular can blast a blue fiery breath from his mouth very similar to Godzilla's atomic breath. Bemular can also stay underwater for  long periods of time. Bemular appeared in the first episode of Ultraman called "Ultra Operation #1". Bemular was chased to earth by Ultraman and the two finished there fight after Bemular crashed into a lake.

Bemular seems like a kind of wannabe Godzilla kaiju that the show used to draw Godzilla fans in when watching the first episode.  Bemular is definitely a cool kaiju though and looks pretty cool. Bemular the fire breathing spiky lizard thing from space.

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