Sunday, July 13, 2014

Monster Profile: Oodako (Giant Octopus)

Name: Oodako (Giant Octopus)

Oodako is a Giant Octopus and pretty much one of the most basic Kaiju out there. Oodako's main ability is his strong tentacle grip. Oodako first appeared in King Kong Vs. Godzilla when he was trying to steal the berry juice from the Faro Islands natives. Oodako was quickly dealt with when Kong came to save the day. Oodako also appeared in The War of the Gargantuas in the opening scene where he attacks a boat and battles Gaira. Oodako has basically got his butt kicked every time he has appeared in a movie.  Oodako was supposed to appear in Frankenstein Conquers the World but his scene was removed. It has been said that the alternate ending to Frankenstein Conquers the World was supposed to be Oodako dragging Frankenstein into the ocean, which probably could have counted as Oodako's only victory. The War of the Gargantuas was supposed to be the sequel to Frankenstein Conquers the World, so the alternate ending would have worked well with the movie, because the Gaira fight would have picked up right where we left off in the previous film. I am not gonna lie Oodako really is a pretty lame Kaiju, Gezora would totally kick his butt (just like every other kaiju Oodako has ever faced).

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