Monday, July 28, 2014

Monster Profile: Ragon

Ragon walks on two legs like a human.  Ragon looks similar to the creature from the black lagoon. Ragon is green and fishy looking. Ragon has fins on his back, and his arms. Ragon's feet look like flippers. Ragon first appeared in Ultraman episode 4 where a nuclear explosion caused some sort of creature to mutate into Ragon. Ragon has the ability to breathe underwater and fire a radioactive breath.  Ragon gave Ultraman a hard time but only because Ultraman was distracted with preventing another nuclear explosion.  At the end of the fight Ragon was defeated by Ultramans power beam. Ragon feel into the ocean but it is unknown if he is dead.

Ragon's  movements reminded me a lot of the Gargantuas. Ragon definitely has a unique Kaiju design and he was very entertaining when fighting Ultraman. 

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