Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ultraman Review: Ultra Operation #1 (Episode 1)

The episode starts with two orbs flying through space approaching earth. The blue orb crashes into a lake and the red orb collides mid air with a science exploration ship. Inside the science exploration ship was Hyata, who is part of a science investigation team. The Red orb then surrounds Hyata and takes him away. Inside the orb is Ultraman and we learn that he was chasing a monster named Bemular. Bemular was in the blue orb that crashed into the lake. Ultraman then apologizes for crashing into Hyata then sacrifices himself to save Hyata's life by joining together as one. Hyata's team arrives at the lake after finding out he was in a crash. Shortly after the team arrives Bemular rises from the lake. Hyata then informs his team that he is still alive and begins attacking Bemular with a submarine bellow the lake. The rest of the science team joins the attack from the air so that Bemular is being hit from above and below. Bemular then captures Hyata's submarine in his mouth and tosses it on land. Bemular then blast his blue fiery breath at the submarines and it becomes engulfed in flames. Hyata then raises the pod that Ultraman gave him to turn into the giant Ultraman. Ultraman then battles Bemular the two wrestle around for awhile and the fight is close. Bemular retreats back into the lake and attempts to escape in his blue orb back into space but Ultraman destroys the orb with his ray blowing it into pieces.

This was a very interesting episode. I really enjoyed the monster design of Bemular he was something different but had a slight resemblance to Godzilla especially with the blue breath. The Bemular kaiju design was great, although it may have looked a little cheesy you have to remember that the kaiju costumes were used for one episode that lasted twenty minutes and it took a lot of time to create these costume that were used for such a short time. So for the amount of time the kaiju costumes were used on the show you have to respect them for what they are pieces of kaiju history.

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