Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Monster Profile: Gesura

Name: Gesura
Movie Appearances: Ultraman Episode 6 "Coast Guard Orders"

Gesura is a lizard like kaiju that has a fish like head and face. Gesura has spikes all over its back aswell as a dorasal fin.  Gesura has a pale white tale with bulbous sacs on it that run along the back of his hind legs also.Gesura tends to walk on all fours most of the time but also has the ability to stand up on it's hind legs. Gesura can stay underwater for an extended period of time. Gesura for some reason is very attracted to cocoa beans because before Gesura was a monster he was just a lizard that feed on those beans. Gesura was mutated when he feel into the polluted Tokyo Bay after climbing aboard a ship filled with cocao beans. The spikes on Gesura's back are posionous making it difficult to physical hit Gesura anywhere because the spikes are all over him. Gesura also has the ability to spit a foam like spray from it's mouth at it's enemies. Gesura was defeated when his dorsal fin was torn off by Ultraman.

Gesura is a pretty cool but strange kaiju design he is supposed to be a mutated lizard but I feel like is head is vary fish like. Gesura's tail is also a weird feature the pale with bulbous sacs that are never really mentioned add to this kaiju's strange appearance. Gesura is definitely a cool kaiju but like Ragon his body sunk into the see so we don't know if Gesura is really dead or was just badly injured. Will Gesura return?

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