Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ultraman Review: Episode 5 "Secret of Miroganda"

This episode starts off with a car crash. We then see strange green goo near the crash. The driver gets out of the car then a strange Green Sac looking creature pops up out of no where and attacks the driver. The episode then cuts to a scientist in is laboratory looking through a microscope, then the strange green creature crawls under his door and attacks the scientist. The science patrol receives word of the two murders and sets out to investigate. Hyata and the Captain go to investigate the crash while the two others go to investigate the lab. At the crash Hyata discovered the green substance and back at the lab we learn that the scientist was studying a rare plant from Miroganda a radioactive island. We soon learn that a woman that went with the scientist to Miroganda was attacked on the island by a large insectivorous plant. We soon figure out that the insectivorous plant and the creature that killed the driver and the scientist are one and the same. The science patrol soon encounters the insectivorous creature known as Greenmons. The science patrol shoots Greenmons with their beam guns and he falls in the ocean. Greenmons soon rises again but he is now gigantic because he has absorbed all the energy that was fired at him from the science patrol's beam guns. Greenmons begins destroying the city so Hyata quickly jumps into action to become Ultraman. Greenmons sprays Ultraman down with his toxic gas and Ultraman falls. Ultraman with little energy gets up and fires his ray at Greenmons setting the plant on fire the plant becomes quickly engulfed in the fire and burns to ash. Ultraman flies away after saving the day again.

This episode was very weak and that upsets me because it had Akihiko Hirata who played Doctor Serizawa in the 1954 Godzilla and appeared in many other Toho films. The episode also featured Akiko Wakabayashi who played the princess in Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster. Greenmons was a lame kaiju design. The fight between Ultraman and Greenmons was not really a fight at all Greenmons just sprayed Ultraman once and then Ultraman set Greenmons on fire with a quick blast of his ray. Greenmons is probably the ugliest looking kaiju I have ever seen. I would say pass on this episode. Another thing that was weird about this episode is that if you watch it in the English dub there is a scene that was not dubbed for some strange reason and it switches to subtitles. Greenmons is the lames kaiju I have ever seen.

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