Saturday, February 14, 2015

Monster Profile : Chandora

Monster Name: Chandora
Ultraman TV Appearance : Episode 8  "Monster Lawless Zone"
Chandora is a strange looking monster. Chandora has the stance and body of a Tyrannosaurus but instead of arms it has wings. Chandora also has two tusk, two large ears and a tiny horn. Even though Chandora has wings the monster is to large and not capable of flying. Chandora does use it's wings to create strong hurricane like gust. Chandora uses it's tusk and fangs to cut into his enemies. Chandora once fought Red King but was critically hurt when Red King ripped one of Chandora's wings off. Chandora did manage to take a nice bite out of Red King's arm. Chandora with it's missing wing and severe wounds had no choice but to retreat, most likely bleeding out and dying later on.

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