Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monster Profile: Minilla

Monster Name: Minilla
Movie Appearances: Son of Godzilla, Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla's Revenege, Godzilla vs Gigan, Godzilla Final Wars

Minilla is the Son of Godzilla Minilla did not appear in the Heisei era but he did appear in the Showa and in the Millenium era. Minilla is a chubby baby looking version of Godzilla. Minilla has the ability to change his size from human size to giant monster size. Minilla also has the ability to spit out radioactive smoke rings. When Minilla really focuses he can fire a radioactive blast just like Godzilla. Minilla has also been known to share a telepathic link with Godzilla and other monsters that almost works as a radio frequency that draws Godzilla to Minilla in times of danger. Minilla is a very friendly monster and is often perceived as one of the most goofy monsters there is.

Minilla first appeared in the Son of Godzilla where he was hatched from an egg that a trio of Kamacuras were attacking. The Kamacuras intended to feed on the new born Minilla but Godzilla came to save the day and defeated the Kamacuras. Minilla appeared again in Destroy All Monsters where he helped the Monsters of fight Ghidorah. Minilla actually used is radioactive smoke ring attack to kill one of the three Ghidorah heads in the fight that take place during Destroy All Monsters.

Minilla later appeared in Godzilla's Revenge in a young boys dream sequences. In Godzilla's Revenege Minilla was often bullied by a monster named Gabara. Minilla after being encouraged by the young bot finally built up the courage to fight Gabara. Minilla actually won the fight by catapulting Gabara with a seesaw shaped rock.

For many years Minilla lived in peace on Monster Island as we saw him briefly in Godzilla vs. Gigan. Minilla did not reappear until Godzilla Final Wars. In Godzilla Final Wars Minilla stops Godzilla from continuing his war was the human race and makes Godzilla realize that he is also at fault for the attacks by the humans.

The son of the king himself Godzilla does bring honor to Godzilla by having great morals and being extremely friendly to the humans of earth. Minilla is the perfect role mode for a Kaiju that wants to coexist peacefully on earth with the human race.

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