Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monster Profile: Pigmon

Monster Name: Pigmon
Ultraman TV Appearance: Episode 8 " Monster Lawless Zone "
Pigmon is a small monster that is about the size of a man. Pigmon is a friendly monster. Pigmon looks like it's body is covered in red autumn leafs. Pigmon helped the science patrol find a missing researcher in the Monster Zone. Sadly Pigmon was crushed to death by a boulder thrown by Red King.

Prior to the discovery of the Pigmon in the Monster Zone. Tokyo had been attacked by multiple giant android kaiju known as "Garamon" created by the Cicada Humans of Planet Q. These Garamon looked identical to Pigmon except they were massive and part mechanical, there is strong theory that the Cicada Humans used a Pigmon or a Pigmon's DNA to create their destructive Garamon.

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