Saturday, March 7, 2015

Monster Profile: Yongary

Monster Name: Yongary
Movie Appearances: Yongary Monster from the Deep
Yongary is a monster that walks on two legs and has a reptile like appearance. Yongary has a horn that sticks out of its snout which can fire a beam that can slice metal. Yongary also has a spiked tail which is used to smash and knock down buildings. Yongary has plates that run down its spine. Yongary has very thick hide which can withstand tank artillery and most man made weapons. Yongary also has the ability to shoot fire from it's mouth.

Before Yongary rose from the earth, it was believed that Yongary was just a myth. The story was that Yongary was a monster that lives under the earth’s surface and had the ability to control earthquakes. When Yongary rose from the earth we learned that it was Yongary's massive size moving underground that was the cause of the earthquakes, and that Yongary didn't really have much control over the earthquakes.

After rampaging through Korea, Yongary was defeated by being sprayed with an ammonia precipitate mixture. Yongary fought to cling to life but the poisoning from the ammonia was too much for the monster to fight off.

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