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Monster Profile: Garamon

Monster Name: Garamon
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q (T.V.Show)

Garamon is a giant android kaiju. Garamon is very strange looking the monster is very large and walks on two legs. It has short arms with long fingered hands that it flails about. Looking at pictures the Garamon do not appear to be very intimidating but when you see them moving in action they actually come off as quite the creepy kaiju. The hiss of a Garamon is a haunting sound once you have witnessed the destruction that one can leave. Garamon don't have any special abilities they are just extremely large, strong and durable thanks to there android parts.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 13 Garadama

The Plot:
This episode start off with a group of boys playing down by a stream when they notice something falling from the sky slowly and gently like a balloon, but it looked like a meteor. When the boys found the strange rocks crash site it indeed was a meteor but it was as light as air, so the boys decided to make up the name "Garadama" for the strange rock.  When the kids rush the garadama back to school to show there teacher, the teacher immediately contacts the Professor Ichinotani (the Professor we have seen reoccur through out the series with Ippei, Jun, and Yuriko).

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monster Profile: Larugeus

Monster Name: Larugeus
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q (T.V. Show)
Larugeus is a white bird that has the ability to look like a small white everyday average size bird, but if the Larugeus becomes angry or hungry it has the ability to transform into a massive building sized bird in order to hunt food or defend it self. Besides being able to change sizes Larugeus can fly extremely fast when it's giant size causing high speed winds to be left in it's wake resulting in major destruction. Larugeus first appeared at a Zoo where it killed a Zoo keeper and ate all the animals at the zoo. The Larugeus then reverted back to its small form and was soon discovered by a little boy who did not know that this Larugeus was actually a dangerous creature. The Larugeus befriended the boy and helped protect him from the fishermen in his village. The Larugeus began feeding on the the villages live stock and the authories were called into capture it. Once captured the Larugeus became angered and grew into its gigantic form again and flew around causing destruction before flying out to sea never to be seen again. The Larugeus has not been seen since but it is believed to still be alive possibly feeding on the sea life as it fly's over the ocean.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 12 I Saw a Bird!

In this episode it starts off at a zoo where the early morning zoo keeper is doing his daily morning rounds, as he walks through the zoo the animals begin to panic in their cages, we then see the zoo keeper look to the sky and let out a scream. When the morning security shows up they find all the animals missing and the zoo keep barely alive they get to the zoo keeper just in time for him to tell them "I saw bird" then he immediately died after those words.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monster Profile: Balloonga

Monster Name: Balloonga
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q (T.V Show)

Balloonga is a monster from space. Balloonga looks almost like a floating brain. At first Balloonga was the size of a regular party balloon but after using its ability to absorb all of Tokyo's energy and a Typhoon it became massive and a danger to the earth. Balloonga left earth after Japan launched a rocket that created an artificial sun, the Balloonga was immediately drawn to the energy and remains in orbit feeding on the artificial sun. It is believe that Balloonga actually became a star after absorbing all the energy of the artificial sun, therefore it is possible that all stars are actually Balloonga that have absorbed so much energy that they now burn with it.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 11 Balloonga

When a space shuttle returning from an exploratory mission crashes to Earth it brings a strange creature to Earth refereed to as Balloonga . The space shuttle crashed because it ran out of fuel. We quickly learn that it crashed because Balloonga feeds on all forms of energy. The Balloonga kept feeding on energy and kept getting larger and larger. Tokyo was completely shut down because all energy was absorbed, planes crashed when flying by Balloonga.

After some research by a newspaper it was discovered that this was not the first case of a Balloonga appearing on earth. A doctor had done a report years earlier about the Balloonga but was ridiculed by his colleagues for not having any proof to back his research, so the doctor stepped down and went into retirement. When the doctor was finally tracked down he suggested creating a missile that would create an artificial so that the Balloonga would be attracted to it and leave earth. Japan quickly pulled all it's resources to create the missile and quickly launch it into the atmosphere. The Balloonga was quickly drawn to it and left Tokyo and Earth. The Balloonga now remain in space feeding on the energy and glowing.

The end of this episode gives a theory that all stars are actually Ballongas that have absorbed so much energy. This episode was pretty good the story was very simple and not to complex the design of Ballonga was was pretty weird looking it looks almost like a floating brain with small tentacles coming out . Although Balloonga was basically just an ugly floating balloon it did not need to knock down buildings, or level a city to be a kaiju that caused chaos, it's ability to feed on all sources of energy was enough to cause hospitals to be shut down preventing people from getting surgeries, planes to crash, and much more chaos. Although this episode had a much more simple store than others it was still a really good episode. Ultra Q continues to impress me stay tuned for my next Ultra Q review.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monster Profile: M1

Monster Name: M1
Monster Appearance: Ultra Q (T.V Show)

M1 is an man sized Ape Creature. M1 is an artificial life form that was created by a scientist. M1 was only a gel like life form until it was exposed to a camera flash which caused it to have a chemical reaction and rapidly grow into it's awkward ape like form. M1 does not poses any special abilities but it does have the intelligence of a human being, so the creature is actually much smarter than it appears to be. When M1 crashed a brand new bullet train it saved a boy that had snuck on by hiding in the trains safe so that the safe launched them into space when it crashed. M1 was last seen orbiting earth with the boy in the safe their where about have not been mentioned since.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 10 The Underground Super Express Goes West

The episode starts out with the announcement of a new bullet train.  Meanwhile back at the newspaper office a camera man is packing up his brief case to do photos for the opening of the train but instead he takes the brief case which is carrying an artificial life form, coded named M1. The creator of the M1 life form was at the newspaper being interviewed about his scientific break through. When the inventor goes to open his case he soon realizes that he has the wrong case.

Mean while back at the train the photographer receives word from his office that he took the wrong case. When the photographer opens the case to confirm his mistake a photographer from another newspaper comes into the room and takes a picture of the M1 capsule. The train conductor takes the case with the M1 capsule and brings it to the main engine room where there is a safe. While storing the case in the safe it bust open and the M1 creature actually begins to grow into its full potential it turns into a man sized ape like creature. M1 freaks out the conductor and engineer making them flee the cabin. A young boy who snuck onto the train sneaks into the engine room so that he can get the full train experience when he gets there and sees no one he is surprised, then he sees M1 and thinks that M1 is a robot controlling the train when in actuality M1 has set the train at max speed and detached the rest of the cars. When the boy realizes that M1 is not a robot he tries to run away but when he opens the door to go back he discovers that the rest of the train has been detached. As the train is about to crash M1 takes the boy with him into the storage safe. When the train crashes the safe goes flying out of the train and into space. The boy and M1 survived but are both now in earths orbit.

The episode just ends there you don't find out if the boy and M1 ever returned to earth or if they are stuck in space for time they have left. This episode was a little weird and reminded be of the Gameron episode, in that it revolved around a child a lot and had a weird ending. M1 was an okay design for a kaiju it was like an awkward looking ape man. This episode overall was just okay with me not my favorite but I didn't hate it.

Monster Profile: Mongular

Monster Name: Mongular
Movie Appearance: Ultra Q (T.V. Show)
Mongular was a standard mole until one day it ate honey from a rare type of modified be that allows for rapid muscle growth. Because of the large amount of honey Mongular consumed Mongular became massive. Mongular's only ability is to dig deep with in the earth like all moles do but on a much larger scale since Mongular is massive. When Mongular survived a T.N.T blast the military got involved and began bombarding Mongular with missiles and Tank shells. Mongular seemed to take the hits from these modern day weapons fine but the hollow ground from Mongular's digging did not. The ground bellow Mongular began to crumble and Mongular feel into the earth. Mongular was not only swallowed by the earth but because of his tunneling he had hit a volcanic line causing the monster to be swallowed by hot volcanic lava. It is presumed that Mongular was burnt alive and did not survive this fall.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Monster Profile: Tarantulas (from Ultra Q)

Monster Name: Tarantulas (from Ultra Q)
Movie Appearance: Ultra Q (T.V. Show)
The Tarantula is essentially a giant man eating Tarantula. The Tarantula is slightly larger than a man. The Tarantula's main abilities are weaving webs, and climbing walls. There were two Tarantulas that appeared in Ultra Q and it was believed that they were a father and daughter that were turned into spiders after being bitten by a rare Tarantula. Both Tarantula's were killed the first was stabbed and the 2nd was run over by a car.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 8 The Terror of Sweet Honey

This episode start off with a man breaking into a green house but he flees runs away because the green house holds a special breed of bees. Shortly after the break tremors and earthquakes begin happening in the area nearby. We learn after a train crash that the bees in the green house produce a special honey that cause rapid growth and that a mole managed to get into the green house when the glass was broken and eat some of the bees. The mole quickly became gigantic and was soon referred to as Mongular the giant mole.

After we investigation we find out that one of the men who worked with the man developing the  these bees was the one that purposely broke into the green house to try and sabotage the operation out of jealousy. The man was jealous that his colleague was getting a lot of praise and recognition for this scientific break through in growth. Realizing his mistake the man attempts to go into Mongulars cave and blow him up with TNT. The TNT unfortunately does not do the job meaning that the man sacrificed his life for nothing. The military then began fighting Mongular with tanks and rockets. The rockets cause the tunnels that Mongular dug to collapse on the nearby volcanic line. Mongular feel into the earth and was consumed by hot lava as the earth crumbled bellow it's feet.

This was actually a really cool episode I enjoyed the battle sequence a lot at the end with the tanks, and rockets. They actually reused some footage from the movie Rodan for the volcanic scene which I thought was a nice easter egg. Mongular was a simple kaiju design basically just a giant mole no special powers or anything just able to dig deep underground. Another great episode of Ultra Q in the books.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 9 Baron Spider

In this episode a group of friends out driving get lost and pull over a few of them fall into a swam and one almost drown so they decide to look for a place to to stay nearby. They discover an old abandoned mansion and decide to stay the night.

While look walking around the house they start to notice that it is filled with a lot of spider webs and one of the friends tells a story about a rich man that owned a mansion that had a fascination with spiders. Apparently the rich man's daughter got bit by one of his rare spiders ,she died and came back as a giant spider. Apparently the rich baron went crazy and he died shortly after and also turned into a spider. We soon learn that the mansion they are staying in is the home of this legend and that the legend is indeed true. The 2 giant tarantulas begin attacking the friends one of the friends manages to kill one by stabbing with a knife that he found. After killing the one they fled the mansion while the 2nd tarantula chased them through the swamp. When the friends reached the car the ran over the 2nd tarantula and drove away as it flailed around and died. The mansion burned down shortly after the spiders death and sunk into the swamp, the fire must have been caused when one of the men threw a light candelabra at the first spider.

This episode was pretty good it had more of a horror aspect to it than a sci-fi feel. I really enjoyed the dark backstory to how the giant tarantulas came to be. While the spiders were not massive they were still big enough to be considered kaiju in my book. I honestly think this episode would have even translated well into a movie. This episode is actually one of my favorite stories for an Ultra Q episode so far.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Monster Profile: Gorgos

Monster Name: Gorgos
Movie Appearance: Ultra Q (T.V. Show)
Gorgos is monster that is made out of rock and when very still can almost camouflage as a mountain. Due to it's heavy weight Gorgos tends to stay on all fours and drag it self with its front arms using as little energy as possible. Gorgos has the ability to rebuild it self when blown up, as long as its glowing core is not destroyed. Gorgos also has the ability to spray hot steam out of it's mouth. Gorgos was killed by a wild mountain man who removed Gorgos's core and shot it with a police officers pistol. Ultimately Gorgos's slow moving pace was the result of it's death as the man was able to easily climb onto the monster's back to kill it. Gorgos never displayed more energy and speed than when it realized that it was about to be killed, the creature stood on it's hind legs desperately trying to fling the mountain man from it's back. Another Gorgos was never seen again after this Gorgos's body was buried in an avalanche. 

Ultra Q Review: Episode 7 S.O.S. Mt. Fuji

In this episode we learn that Mt. Fuji has become active and a local police man is warning all nearby residents to leave until the activity passes. We learn that there is a man who has lived in the wild for 15 years in the forest near Mt. Fuji, the man apparently got lost in the forest when he was a child and has lived there since. When the news reporter gets word of this man she decides that this will make a better story than an active Mt. Fuji causing earthquakes, and temperature spikes in nearby lakes.

Monster Profile: Kai Dragon

Monster Name: Kai Dragon
Movie Appearance: Ultra Q (T.V. Show)
The Kai Dragon looks like a long serpent like dragon that has the ability to fly and shoot fire bolts from its mouth. The Kai Dragon was created by the princess Otohime in the underwater kingdom the Kai Dragon was originally a missile but when the boy ridding Gameron began chasing her she transformed the missile into the Kai Dragon with her magic powers. The Kai Dragon killed Gameron with one quick fatal shot of it's fire bolt. The Kai Dragon never appeared again it is assumed that it still protect Otohime's interdimensional underwater kingdom.

The Kai Dragon is actually a reused Manda puppet from Atragon, so the Kai Dragon is identical to Manda except the Kai Dragon is not as large as Manda.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Monster Profile: Gameron

Monster Name: Gameron
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q (T.V. Show)

Gameron is a giant 99 centimeter long turtle. Gameron has a speedometer that pops up out of it's shell to show it's riders what speed he is moving at. Gameron has the ability to fly at high speeds, and can also become transparent allowing it and it's riders to move through walls.  Gameron was killed by the Kai Dragon in one quick shot. Gameron unfortunately never stood a chance against the mystical Kai Dragon.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 6 Grow up, Little Turtle!

This episode is about a boy who has a pet turtle and believes that it will grow to 99 centimeters and then take him to a Dragon Palace where he will meet a Princess and she will make him the king. When the boy gets in trouble for trying to feed his turtle in class, the teacher sends him to the roof to stay alone for the rest of the day. While on the roof the boy witnesses a bank robbery, when he runs down to the teachers office the teacher yells at him for lying and tells him to leave. The robbers then come into the school to hide from the police, then the boys turtle Gameron bites onto one of the robbers and they decide to run for a truck and stow away in the back to escape. Realizing that the turtle was with the robbers the boy chases them and gets pulled into the truck with the robbers.

 The boy yells at the robbers for stealing the turtle but the robbers explain to him that the turtle bit on and would not let go. While driving the truck gets to a check point and the robbers begin preparring their guns for a shot out. Seeing the robbers machine guns the boy gets excited because he had never seen one in real life so he some how annoys one enough to let him play with it. The boy begins playing with the gun and pretending to shoot the robbers when the boy try to really fire the gun it is jammed so he looks down the barrel and tries to pull the trigger the robbers flip out and go to pull the gun from him when they take the gun it becomes unjammed and fires off by itself. The boy picks the gun up and the robbers run away with the turtle Gameron still latched on to them. The boy begins chasing the robbers while holding the gun and the cops see this happen and follow the robbers manage to lose the cops by running through a carnival, but the boy keeps up desperate to get his turtle back.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ultra Q Review: Episode 5 Peguila is here!

This episode starts off with a trip to Antarctica where an exploration crew has been researching and exploring the region for several years. We learn that a man went missing a few years earlier. Shortly after the new crews arrival the temperature begins dropping at an alarming rate. Out of no where one of the giant exploration snow truck gets lifted into the air and tossed away like it was a leaf picked up in the wind. One night the crews nurse steal one of the trucks and heads out on her own, turns out that she was engaged to the man who went missing. She manages to actually find the man's dog guarding his frozen body. The dog had stayed around for all those years guarding his the lost man's body and surviving by eating a moss only found in the area. While the crew was trying to dig up the mans body ,the monster Peguila appears and we soon learn the Peguila has been the cause of the rapid temperature drops, and the mysterious lifting of the truck.  While Peguila was attacking, the crew noticed that Peguila did not seem to like the dog. They realized that the dog was covered in moss and that Peguila might be vulnerable to it or not like the moss. The exploration crew returns to the base and uses moss extract to make a chemical missile to attack Peguila ,in case Peguila decides to attack the base again. When Peguila finally attacks the base again the crew fires the missile and Peguila flees Antartica.

This was a great episode and it was cool to see the monster that looks to be related to another Ultra series monster Chandora not sure if they are directly related but I do know that if the two were to fight Peguila would most likely win because the time I saw Chandora in Ultraman Episode 8 he did not display any special abilities like Peguila had. The design of Peguila was really cool and I really liked that they sort of left the episode open that Peguila might still be alive in the previous episodes so far all the monsters have been killed or it was implied that they were going to be killed. Maybe we will see where Peguila fled off to in a later episode. So far this episode has been one of my favorites of the Ultra Q series so far. We will see what the rest of the series brings to the table, I really enjoy this series and really recommend picking it up!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Ultra Q Review: Episode 4 The Mammoth Flower

This episode starts off with an officer walking down the street then an earthquake occurs and the officer is killed by falling debris. Turns out the earthquake was caused by the roots of a giant flower moving underground. In this episode the flower is referred to as the "Mammoth Flower" but Ultra Series fans know it as Juran. The giant flowers roots began causing havoc across the city as they would ensnare victims and then suck out there blood with it's thorns. When trying to attack the flower it spat out poisonous pollen that caused a few men to be hospitalized. Although Juran is only a plant since it became so massive it became a danger to the people around it so it had to be destroyed. Juran was killed by having it's roots burned with flamethrowers and a plant killer toxin was dropped by air plane onto the plant. The plant began dying immediately and the city was safe again.

This in my opinion was one of the weaker episodes so far in the Ultra Q series. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the episode I just found it a little boring Juran was literally just a plant doing plant things, it didn't really seem like much of a monster to me, but it did cause damage. The episode was a very basic story to giant plant gets killed with plant killer and fire the 2 things that kill any plant. Like I have said before this is a great series so check it out if you have not seen it yet.

Monster Profile: Juran

Monster Profile: Juran
Movie Apperances: Ultra Series (T.V. Shows)
Juran is a giant flower that has roots that can move freely underground. Juran roots attack humans by wrapping it's roots around them and sucking out their blood with the large thorns that cover it's roots. Juran has also been reffered to as the Mammoth flower since that is what it basically is a giant flower. Juran also has the ability to spray pollen into the air that is poisonous. The first Juran plant was killed with flamethorwers and a plant killer spray. Juran has appeared in other Ultra series but I have not yet seen these episodes I will update this entry once I see those episodes. 

Monster Profile: Gomess

Monster Profile: Gomess
Movie Apperances: Ultra Series( TV Show)

Monster Profile: Namegon

Monster Name: Namegon
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q(T.V. Show)

Ultra Q Review: Episode 3 A Present from Mars

In this episode an exploration rocket returns back from mars and crashes into the ocean. Inside this rocket a pair of golden balls was found in a box. It is suspected that martians discovered the exploration rocket and sent it back with these golden balls as a gift. The safe that the golden balls are stored in gets broken into the thief takes the money and the golden balls in the safe. The thief then goes to a nearby airport and attempts to get a flight to his rendezvous point to meet up with his partner. When the pilot does not cooperate the thief and pilot get into a fight and one of the golden balls falls onto the floor and is left behind after the fight. After the thief lands with the pilot the thief sends the pilot away warning him not to call the authorities. The thief and his partner then head into there hideout inside a cave that has a hot spring running through it. As the thief is dividing the money up between him and his partner, he drops the second golden ball and it falls into the hot spring. The ball begins growing and we soon discover the that golden ball is actually the egg to a slug like alien monster species called Namegon. The Namegon hatches then kills the thief and his partner.

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Monster Profile: Litra

Monster Profile: Litra (a.k.a Ritora)
Movie Appearance: Ultra Series

Monster Profile: Goro

Monster Name: Goro
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q(T.V. Show)

Ultra Q Review: Episode 2 Goro and Goroh

In this episode of Ultra Q we see a tour on a cable car is interrupted when I a giant monkey begins shaking the cable car wires. The monkey does not seem to be intentionally dangerous he just seems to be playing and unaware of his strength. We soon discover that giant monkey was not always giant. This monkey was one of many monkeys on in this mountain village, but this one particular monkey was raised by a mute man name Goroh who helped clean up a science lab on the island. One day when the Goroh wasn't around the monkey broke into a box that stored special walnuts that contained a special chemical used to strengthen soldiers in World War 2. The monkey ate a few hundred of these walnuts causing the monkey to become gigantic.

When Goroh gets in trouble for the lab being destroyed he storms out into the woods and discovers that his monkey named Goro has become gigantic, he begins stealing crops and food from around the village to keep Goro full. One day the Goroh is caught stealing and is arrested and brought into the city for stealing. When Goro does see Goroh for awhile he wanders into the city angry because he had not eaten or seen his Goroh. Goro begins destroying the city, and soon news paper editor comes up with a plan to sedate Goro and bring him to an island where another giant monkey was recently discovered. Goroh is freed from jail to help calm Goro by feeding him a giant jug of milk with a sedative in it. Goro is extremely happy to see his Goroh with a a jug of milk and drinks it down quickly. Goroh did not know he was feeding his monkey sedatives and begins crying when he realizes that Goro is going to be taken away and that he may not see him again.

This was a pretty cool episode the Goro suit is actually a modified Kong suit from King Kong vs Godzilla, they changed the face up a little and added a tail, the suit actually reminded me of a great ape from Dragon Ball Z almost. Goro itself was actually a good creature he was just unaware of his size and strength which in turn made him a danger to the city. It would be cool if they made a follow up episode to show how Goro was getting along with the other Giant Apes but I do not believe Goro ever appeared in the Ultra series again.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 1 Defeat Gomess!

While a crew is digging a tunnel for a highway they stumble on a natural cave(tunnel system) bellow the tunnel they are working on. The crane driver claims to have seen a monster but no one believes him because he is an alcoholic, the crew pulled out  a weird boulder from the cave also after pulling the crane driver out. When a reporter hears news of a monster in the cave she decides to go and  see for herself.

After entering the cave a tremor occurs causing the reporter and her partner to become trapped in the cave they soon discover that the tremor was caused by the Monster Gomess. Gomess begins chasing the reporter and her partner through the cave while the highway crew desperately races to get the cave back open to free them. Meanwhile the strange boulder from the cave turns out to be an egg and hatches the bird monster referred to as Ritora (Litra). The reporter manages to escape the cave and Gomess quickly follows and faces off with Ritora. The monsters battle but Gomess is the first to fall because of Ritora's acid attack. But due to the damage and wounds sustained in battle the young Ritora dies shortly after. A small memorial was made in memory of the Ritora's sacrifice. 

This was my first experience with the Ultraman series prequel Ultra Q the episode had a great story and the production was pretty nice. I thought it was pretty impressive that they managed to get a hold of the Godzilla costume from Mothra vs Godzilla and modify it to create the kaiju Gomess. The kaiju Litra was a little cheesy it looked like a giant cross between a rooster and a peacock. I really like the series and the DVD set came in a really nice the box ,with great art and  is really well made definitely worth picking up if you can find it. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Monster Profile: Negadon

Monster Name: Negadon
Move Appearances: Negadon: The Monster From Mars

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Movie Review: Negadon: The Monster from Mars

The Synopsis:
Negadon takes place in a time where planet Earth has finally mastered space travel and has been using it to travel through space to terraform planets and make them habitable to humans. When an exploration crew pulls a strange boulder from mars and returns to earth the ship explodes upon re-entry into the atmosphere. It turns out what they dug up was not a boulder but the egg to a Kaiju (Negadon)that rises from the wreckage of the crash. A professor who had worked on a giant robot to use for mining and construction decides to use his robot the Miroku-2 battle the giant monster.

Monster Profile: Ogra

Monster Profile: Ogra
Movie Appearance: Gorgo
Ogra looks identical to Gorgo, in that it stands on two legs and has fin like ears along with a tail that has a fin at the end. The only difference in appearance between Gorgo and Ogra is size Gorgo's height is similar to the length of a tractor trailer where Ogra is the height of a city building. Both Ogra and Gorgo are sea monsters of the same species. Ogra's main abilities are that it has impervious skin, sharp claws and the strength to knock down buildings. Ogra appeared when Gorgo was captured. Ogra went on a rampage across Ireland, and England to save her son Gorgo. When Ogra finally saved Gorgo they both returned to the sea to live in peace.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monster Profile: Gorgo

Monster Name: Gorgo
Movie Appearances: Gorgo
Gorgo is a very popular monster among Kaiju fans. Gorgo is a 2 legged dinosaur like Kaiju from the sea. Gorgo looks almost Tyrannasaur like but with fin like ears. Gorgo does not have any special abilities besides being a large creature, it is strong, impervious to most weapons, has sharp claws and can stay underwater for extremely long periods of time since the sea is it's main habitat.

 Gorgo appeared after a volcano eruption off the shore of Ireland. Gorgo was easily captured after first appearing, despite being large Gorgo was only an child when it emerged so it was easily caught. At the time when it was caught people intended to use Gorgo as a circus attraction and brought Gorgo to London to make some money. Once Ogra (Gorgo's Mother) emerged the captures figured out the Gorgo was only a child compared to the massive size of Ogra. After Gorgo's mother ripped through Ireland and England, Gorgo was freed and saved by his mother Ogra. Both Gorgo and Ogra returned to the ocean and were never heard from again.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Monster Profile: Frankenstein (Frankenstein Monster)

Monster Name: Frankenstein (Frankenstein Monster)
Movie Appearances: Frankenstein Conquers the World

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monster Profile: Giant Sea Snake (Giant Sea Serpent)

Name: Giant Sea Snake (Giant Sea Serpent)
Movie Appearances: King Kong Escapes

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Monster Profile: Mechani-Kong

Name: Mechani-Kong
Movie Appearances: King Kong Escapes