Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Monster Profile: Mechani-Kong

Name: Mechani-Kong
Movie Appearances: King Kong Escapes

In this picture you can see the hypnosis light mounted on top of Mechani-Kong's head.

Mechani-Kong is exactly what it sounds like, a mechanical version of King Kong. Mechani-Kong is basically a giant silver robot gorilla. Mechani-Kong's notable features are it's eyes that light up with super bright lights, it's bomb belt, and the mounted hypnosis light on it's head. Being a giant robot of course Mechani-Kong is also strong.

Mechani-Kong's only movie appearance was in the 1967 movie King Kong Escapes. Mechani-Kong was created by the evil Dr. Who for the purpose of mining the radioactive Element X, but when Mechani-Kong's circuits got destroyed by the strong magnetic field surrounding Element X, Dr. Who then had to have the circuits rebuilt and shielded. While getting the circuits rebuilt, Dr. Who captured the real King Kong instead to mine the Element X but that back fired as Kong was able to snap out of the hypnosis he was put. Dr. Who later added the hypnosis light to Mechani-Kong to allow Mechani-Kong to hypnotize the real King Kong or at least put him in a daze. Mechani-Kong's last battle was in Tokyo on top of Tokyo Tower with King Kong. Because of the main control center being destroyed Mechani-Kong fell from Tokyo Tower and broke into pieces. Mechani-Kong was never rebuilt or seen again after Dr. Who was killed by King Kong.

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