Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Monster Profile: Negadon

Monster Name: Negadon
Move Appearances: Negadon: The Monster From Mars

Negadon looks like a giant flying squid that is well armored. Negadon has a head that it can pop in and out from its armor. Negadon has the ability to fly, fire lasers from it tenticles, and another laser from it tentacle that comes out from the front. Negadon was brought to earth accidentally when the exploration crew of the Izanami brought back what they thought was a boulder but turned out to be Negadon's egg. Negadon hatched from it's egg during re-entry into the earths atmosphere. Negadon immediately began attacking Tokyo and was quickly met by the Japanese military the military unleashed rockets, tanks, and jets, but these weapons stood no chance against Negadon. Negadon wiped out the entire military force with once blast from its front tentacle. Soon Negadon was doing battle with Miroku 2 a giant robot created by Professor Narasaki. Negadon put up a good fight against the robot Miroku 2 it go to the point where Professor Narasaki knew he could not beat Negadon with out sacrificing the Miroku 2. Negadon was latched onto by the Miroku 2 and dragged to space where the Miroku 2 was set to overload its reactor. Negadon's eye was gauged out by the Miroku 2's arm drill and then the Miroku 2's reactor exploded killing Negadon and destroying the Miroku 2. Earth was saved but both Negadon and the Miroku 2 were lost in the battle.

Negadon was a very powerful monster but the final moments in the battle make me wonder if that eye on the end of it's tentacle was it's weak spot. As soon as the Miroku 2's drill was driven through that eye on the of it's tentacle the life seemed to leave Negadon. Was the drill through the eye all that was needed to kill Negadon making the Miroku 2's self destruct overkill?

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