Thursday, April 13, 2017

Monster Profile: Ogra

Monster Profile: Ogra
Movie Appearance: Gorgo
Ogra looks identical to Gorgo, in that it stands on two legs and has fin like ears along with a tail that has a fin at the end. The only difference in appearance between Gorgo and Ogra is size Gorgo's height is similar to the length of a tractor trailer where Ogra is the height of a city building. Both Ogra and Gorgo are sea monsters of the same species. Ogra's main abilities are that it has impervious skin, sharp claws and the strength to knock down buildings. Ogra appeared when Gorgo was captured. Ogra went on a rampage across Ireland, and England to save her son Gorgo. When Ogra finally saved Gorgo they both returned to the sea to live in peace.

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