Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Monster Profile: Kai Dragon

Monster Name: Kai Dragon
Movie Appearance: Ultra Q (T.V. Show)
The Kai Dragon looks like a long serpent like dragon that has the ability to fly and shoot fire bolts from its mouth. The Kai Dragon was created by the princess Otohime in the underwater kingdom the Kai Dragon was originally a missile but when the boy ridding Gameron began chasing her she transformed the missile into the Kai Dragon with her magic powers. The Kai Dragon killed Gameron with one quick fatal shot of it's fire bolt. The Kai Dragon never appeared again it is assumed that it still protect Otohime's interdimensional underwater kingdom.

The Kai Dragon is actually a reused Manda puppet from Atragon, so the Kai Dragon is identical to Manda except the Kai Dragon is not as large as Manda.

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