Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ultra Q Review: Episode 6 Grow up, Little Turtle!

This episode is about a boy who has a pet turtle and believes that it will grow to 99 centimeters and then take him to a Dragon Palace where he will meet a Princess and she will make him the king. When the boy gets in trouble for trying to feed his turtle in class, the teacher sends him to the roof to stay alone for the rest of the day. While on the roof the boy witnesses a bank robbery, when he runs down to the teachers office the teacher yells at him for lying and tells him to leave. The robbers then come into the school to hide from the police, then the boys turtle Gameron bites onto one of the robbers and they decide to run for a truck and stow away in the back to escape. Realizing that the turtle was with the robbers the boy chases them and gets pulled into the truck with the robbers.

 The boy yells at the robbers for stealing the turtle but the robbers explain to him that the turtle bit on and would not let go. While driving the truck gets to a check point and the robbers begin preparring their guns for a shot out. Seeing the robbers machine guns the boy gets excited because he had never seen one in real life so he some how annoys one enough to let him play with it. The boy begins playing with the gun and pretending to shoot the robbers when the boy try to really fire the gun it is jammed so he looks down the barrel and tries to pull the trigger the robbers flip out and go to pull the gun from him when they take the gun it becomes unjammed and fires off by itself. The boy picks the gun up and the robbers run away with the turtle Gameron still latched on to them. The boy begins chasing the robbers while holding the gun and the cops see this happen and follow the robbers manage to lose the cops by running through a carnival, but the boy keeps up desperate to get his turtle back.

The boy and the robbers end up in a sewer hiding while down there the boy falls asleep and wakes up to discover that his turtle had mysteriously became gigantic, 99 centimeters exactly. When the robbers see how big the turtle go they run away and get captured by the cops. The robbers tell the cops where the boys. Before the cops arrive the boy jumps on Gameron and tells the turtle to take him to the Dragon Palace. Gameron turns almost transparent and walks through the walls and begins to fly away with the boy on his back.  Gameron dives into the ocean with the boy and they arrive at the dragon palace there the princess is waiting for him she seems to be up to something as she pulls a few pranks on him. The boy ask the princess where dragon is she then laughs at him and jumps on a rocket and begins flying around, he jumps on Gameron to chase her but then her rocket turns into a dragon (The Kai Dragon). The dragon then shoots a flame that kills Gameron instantly. The boy becomes upset and ask to go home, the princess then hands him a box while telling him to never open it. The boy suddenly appears back in his schools house surrounded by his parents, teachers, and police. When the parents question the boy asking him where he has been he says the dragon palace they immediately laugh at him and the teachers and police begin laughing about it. The boy opens the box and becomes an old man. He then changes back to normal and the episode ends with the boy board and turtleless in class while all the students now are trying to get their turtles become gigantic.

This was a really trippy episode, it started out somewhat normal but took a really strange turn after the whole chase scene where they end up in the sewer. The turtle  randomly becomes big, the whole dragon palace sequence was extremely dark and strange also. The princess seemed really evil and twisted, she kills the boys turtle and he seems fine after it happens, even though the whole first 3 quarters of the episode revolved around him being obsessed with Gameron. This episode was just really weird and I have no clue what was going on at the backend, was it all a dream? I am definitely going to but this down as my least favorite Ultra Q episode yet in the series.

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