Thursday, April 13, 2017

Movie Review: Negadon: The Monster from Mars

The Synopsis:
Negadon takes place in a time where planet Earth has finally mastered space travel and has been using it to travel through space to terraform planets and make them habitable to humans. When an exploration crew pulls a strange boulder from mars and returns to earth the ship explodes upon re-entry into the atmosphere. It turns out what they dug up was not a boulder but the egg to a Kaiju (Negadon)that rises from the wreckage of the crash. A professor who had worked on a giant robot to use for mining and construction decides to use his robot the Miroku-2 battle the giant monster.

Monster Profile: Ogra

Monster Profile: Ogra
Movie Appearance: Gorgo
Ogra looks identical to Gorgo, in that it stands on two legs and has fin like ears along with a tail that has a fin at the end. The only difference in appearance between Gorgo and Ogra is size Gorgo's height is similar to the length of a tractor trailer where Ogra is the height of a city building. Both Ogra and Gorgo are sea monsters of the same species. Ogra's main abilities are that it has impervious skin, sharp claws and the strength to knock down buildings. Ogra appeared when Gorgo was captured. Ogra went on a rampage across Ireland, and England to save her son Gorgo. When Ogra finally saved Gorgo they both returned to the sea to live in peace.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monster Profile: Gorgo

Monster Name: Gorgo
Movie Appearances: Gorgo
Gorgo is a very popular monster among Kaiju fans. Gorgo is a 2 legged dinosaur like Kaiju from the sea. Gorgo looks almost Tyrannasaur like but with fin like ears. Gorgo does not have any special abilities besides being a large creature, it is strong, impervious to most weapons, has sharp claws and can stay underwater for extremely long periods of time since the sea is it's main habitat.

 Gorgo appeared after a volcano eruption off the shore of Ireland. Gorgo was easily captured after first appearing, despite being large Gorgo was only an child when it emerged so it was easily caught. At the time when it was caught people intended to use Gorgo as a circus attraction and brought Gorgo to London to make some money. Once Ogra (Gorgo's Mother) emerged the captures figured out the Gorgo was only a child compared to the massive size of Ogra. After Gorgo's mother ripped through Ireland and England, Gorgo was freed and saved by his mother Ogra. Both Gorgo and Ogra returned to the ocean and were never heard from again.