Friday, May 5, 2017

Ultra Q Review: Episode 4 The Mammoth Flower

This episode starts off with an officer walking down the street then an earthquake occurs and the officer is killed by falling debris. Turns out the earthquake was caused by the roots of a giant flower moving underground. In this episode the flower is referred to as the "Mammoth Flower" but Ultra Series fans know it as Juran. The giant flowers roots began causing havoc across the city as they would ensnare victims and then suck out there blood with it's thorns. When trying to attack the flower it spat out poisonous pollen that caused a few men to be hospitalized. Although Juran is only a plant since it became so massive it became a danger to the people around it so it had to be destroyed. Juran was killed by having it's roots burned with flamethrowers and a plant killer toxin was dropped by air plane onto the plant. The plant began dying immediately and the city was safe again.

This in my opinion was one of the weaker episodes so far in the Ultra Q series. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the episode I just found it a little boring Juran was literally just a plant doing plant things, it didn't really seem like much of a monster to me, but it did cause damage. The episode was a very basic story to giant plant gets killed with plant killer and fire the 2 things that kill any plant. Like I have said before this is a great series so check it out if you have not seen it yet.

Monster Profile: Juran

Monster Profile: Juran
Movie Apperances: Ultra Series (T.V. Shows)
Juran is a giant flower that has roots that can move freely underground. Juran roots attack humans by wrapping it's roots around them and sucking out their blood with the large thorns that cover it's roots. Juran has also been reffered to as the Mammoth flower since that is what it basically is a giant flower. Juran also has the ability to spray pollen into the air that is poisonous. The first Juran plant was killed with flamethorwers and a plant killer spray. Juran has appeared in other Ultra series but I have not yet seen these episodes I will update this entry once I see those episodes. 

Monster Profile: Gomess

Monster Profile: Gomess
Movie Apperances: Ultra Series( TV Show)

Monster Profile: Namegon

Monster Name: Namegon
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q(T.V. Show)

Ultra Q Review: Episode 3 A Present from Mars

In this episode an exploration rocket returns back from mars and crashes into the ocean. Inside this rocket a pair of golden balls was found in a box. It is suspected that martians discovered the exploration rocket and sent it back with these golden balls as a gift. The safe that the golden balls are stored in gets broken into the thief takes the money and the golden balls in the safe. The thief then goes to a nearby airport and attempts to get a flight to his rendezvous point to meet up with his partner. When the pilot does not cooperate the thief and pilot get into a fight and one of the golden balls falls onto the floor and is left behind after the fight. After the thief lands with the pilot the thief sends the pilot away warning him not to call the authorities. The thief and his partner then head into there hideout inside a cave that has a hot spring running through it. As the thief is dividing the money up between him and his partner, he drops the second golden ball and it falls into the hot spring. The ball begins growing and we soon discover the that golden ball is actually the egg to a slug like alien monster species called Namegon. The Namegon hatches then kills the thief and his partner.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Monster Profile: Litra

Monster Profile: Litra (a.k.a Ritora)
Movie Appearance: Ultra Series

Monster Profile: Goro

Monster Name: Goro
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q(T.V. Show)

Ultra Q Review: Episode 2 Goro and Goroh

In this episode of Ultra Q we see a tour on a cable car is interrupted when I a giant monkey begins shaking the cable car wires. The monkey does not seem to be intentionally dangerous he just seems to be playing and unaware of his strength. We soon discover that giant monkey was not always giant. This monkey was one of many monkeys on in this mountain village, but this one particular monkey was raised by a mute man name Goroh who helped clean up a science lab on the island. One day when the Goroh wasn't around the monkey broke into a box that stored special walnuts that contained a special chemical used to strengthen soldiers in World War 2. The monkey ate a few hundred of these walnuts causing the monkey to become gigantic.

When Goroh gets in trouble for the lab being destroyed he storms out into the woods and discovers that his monkey named Goro has become gigantic, he begins stealing crops and food from around the village to keep Goro full. One day the Goroh is caught stealing and is arrested and brought into the city for stealing. When Goro does see Goroh for awhile he wanders into the city angry because he had not eaten or seen his Goroh. Goro begins destroying the city, and soon news paper editor comes up with a plan to sedate Goro and bring him to an island where another giant monkey was recently discovered. Goroh is freed from jail to help calm Goro by feeding him a giant jug of milk with a sedative in it. Goro is extremely happy to see his Goroh with a a jug of milk and drinks it down quickly. Goroh did not know he was feeding his monkey sedatives and begins crying when he realizes that Goro is going to be taken away and that he may not see him again.

This was a pretty cool episode the Goro suit is actually a modified Kong suit from King Kong vs Godzilla, they changed the face up a little and added a tail, the suit actually reminded me of a great ape from Dragon Ball Z almost. Goro itself was actually a good creature he was just unaware of his size and strength which in turn made him a danger to the city. It would be cool if they made a follow up episode to show how Goro was getting along with the other Giant Apes but I do not believe Goro ever appeared in the Ultra series again.

Ultra Q Review: Episode 1 Defeat Gomess!

While a crew is digging a tunnel for a highway they stumble on a natural cave(tunnel system) bellow the tunnel they are working on. The crane driver claims to have seen a monster but no one believes him because he is an alcoholic, the crew pulled out  a weird boulder from the cave also after pulling the crane driver out. When a reporter hears news of a monster in the cave she decides to go and  see for herself.

After entering the cave a tremor occurs causing the reporter and her partner to become trapped in the cave they soon discover that the tremor was caused by the Monster Gomess. Gomess begins chasing the reporter and her partner through the cave while the highway crew desperately races to get the cave back open to free them. Meanwhile the strange boulder from the cave turns out to be an egg and hatches the bird monster referred to as Ritora (Litra). The reporter manages to escape the cave and Gomess quickly follows and faces off with Ritora. The monsters battle but Gomess is the first to fall because of Ritora's acid attack. But due to the damage and wounds sustained in battle the young Ritora dies shortly after. A small memorial was made in memory of the Ritora's sacrifice. 

This was my first experience with the Ultraman series prequel Ultra Q the episode had a great story and the production was pretty nice. I thought it was pretty impressive that they managed to get a hold of the Godzilla costume from Mothra vs Godzilla and modify it to create the kaiju Gomess. The kaiju Litra was a little cheesy it looked like a giant cross between a rooster and a peacock. I really like the series and the DVD set came in a really nice the box ,with great art and  is really well made definitely worth picking up if you can find it.