Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ultra Q Review: Episode 14 Tokyo Ice Age

The Plot:

The episode starts off with an airplane completely freezing mid flight causing it to crash. When suddenly Peguila appears! The monster from Antarctica had flew north at the end of episode 5 and it turns out Japan was Peguila's destination.

The ice monster Peguila brought about an unexpected ice age in the middle of one of Tokyo's hottest summers. The sudden freeze caused mass chaos and many to be trapped inside the frozen buildings of Tokyo. Peguila marched through the city causing tons of damage but luckily after the first encounter with Peguila in Antarctica many knew how to deal with Peguila. A plane was filled with the chemical made from the rare Antarctic moss that caused Peguila to flee Antarctica the first time the monster was encountered. When a drunken father who had fallen on hard times saw that his sons life was in danger he stole the plane and drove it into Peguila's mouth as a means of delivering the chemical to the monster. Once again the chemical was not enough to kill Peguila but cause it to flee the city bringing back to Tokyo...for now.

My Thoughts: 

The story was very simple this episode it didn't require a lot of set up since we were already familar with Peguila from episode 5 , with that being said we saw a lot of Peguila action in this episode. This stretch of episodes in the series is some of the best Ultra Q. Peguila was a great monster to comeback to, especially since it was hinted that he was flying north at the end of episode 5. It is a shame that even though Peguila fled we never got a 3rd Ultra Q episode with this monster it would have been interesting to see what the monster was up to or final see a conclusion to Peguila's story.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Black Scorpion Coming to Blu-ray March 20th

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On March 20th we will be getting The Black Scorpion on Blu-ray for the first time, it has been out on DVD but we will now have the Blu-ray with 1080p resolution available to us. The Black Scorpion movie is about a giant prehistoric scorpions that attack a city in Mexico after they are freed from a volcano after an earthquake. The special effects for this movie were over seen by Willis O'Brien who was the lead stop motion effects coordinator on the original 1933 King Kong film. This movie is a great monster classic that I feel doesn't get that much attention and is definitely worth a watch if you are a fan of the giant monster genre.