Thursday, August 30, 2018

Monster Profile: Peguila

Monster Name: Peguila
Movie Appearances: Ultra Q (T.V. Show), Redman

Peguila resembles Chandora from Ultraman. Unlike Chandora, Peguilia has the strength to use its wings to carry its large body and fly. While flying Peguila releases a cloud of smoke that engulfs it's body, the smoke screen makes it appear as though a giant cloud of smoke is flying through the sky and not a monster. Peguila also has the ability to shot a frost breath that freezes everything in its path but also has the ability to defy gravity and lift heavy objects into the sky such as tanks, cars, and buildings. Peguila also uses it's wings to create large gust that can topple buildings.

The first Peguila sighting was in Antarctica a science crew fought the monster and discovered that it had a weakness to a moss that was only native to the arctic. The scientist converted the moss into a chemical weapon and used it on Peguila, while the does Peguila was struck with was not lethal the monster took off and left the Antarctic. Peguila later appeared in Japan after flying for a long time from Antarctica Peguila with its ability to cause mass freezing with its breath brought about an Ice Age in the middle of a scorching hot summer. The monster brought devastation and chaos to Tokyo as everything froze instantly. The scientist managed to get a large load of the chemical onto a plane the pilot was an father who had many failures through out his life and he wanted to do something to prove he was a good man so he sacrifice him self by flying his plane into Peguila's mouth causing an explosion. While the explosion and delivery of  chemical was large this did not kill the monster but instead forced it to retreat into the sky. It is unknown what the fate of the original Peguila is but it is known that Redman the Kaiju hunter has encountered and killed many Peguila.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Recent and Upcoming Blu-ray Release Of Kaiju Interest

Here are some recent Blu-ray releases that as a Kaiju fan interest me most are monster movies that I would like to check out.

Last month in April we saw the release of Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell this is the 6th entry in the Tremors series I myself have not seen the 5th but have heard a lot of positive things about it you can . It is a shame Syfy didn't go forward with the TV series it looked great. We also got the Tremors: Attack Pack which is a Blu-Ray bundle of the original 4 movies all of them are great but nothing tops the first. Here is the link to Tremors: Bloodlines if you want the complete collection. Another release from last month that you might find surprising to find here is Batman Ninja, that is right Batman! This twist on Batman was great but also extremely campy the final battle scene is basically a Megazord vs Ultraman kind of scenario no joke worth the watch. We also saw reprinting of the Jurassic Park series on Blu-ray but those are nothing new and never went away.

This month of June we have Pacific Rim: Uprising which is a movie I really enjoyed in theaters and will be getting. I really hope we get a final entry to the series straight to Blu-Ray, animated or even an animated series would be great to give us a conclusion to the story. This month we also saw the release of Jack the Giant Killer on Blu-ray for the first time not to be confused with the 2013 movie Jack the Giant Slayer, this 1962s movie has a few giant creatures that I think will be enough to grab the attention of a monster movie fan like me.

Next month in July we will see the release of Devil Fish aka Monster Shark on July 3rd, I have never seen this movie but from the trailer and reviews I can tell this 1984 movie that is the original Sharktopus is going to have plenty of cheese, and terrible acting,but hey I will find it somewhere eventually to watch it for the laughs and the monster. On July 17th Rampage will hit Blu-ray and I am ashamed to say I did not get to see this in theaters but will be watching it immediately when I get it. I hear nothing but positive things about Rampage and it is movie I have waited a long time for.  On July 24th while not really a monster movie we will get the release of Ready Player One this is another one I did not get to see in theaters but I hear it has an epic MechaGodzilla battle scene it so you have me sold there.

And for my final mention for this post on July 3rd if Devil Fish was not cheesy enough for you we have the Hunger Games/Deathrace/Ready Player One/Jurassic Park hybrid movie The Jurassic Games . That is s right! we have 10 convicts competing for survival in a virtual reality dinosaur where the last convict standing will get freedom, and fame.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ultra Q Review: Episode 14 Tokyo Ice Age

The Plot:

The episode starts off with an airplane completely freezing mid flight causing it to crash. When suddenly Peguila appears! The monster from Antarctica had flew north at the end of episode 5 and it turns out Japan was Peguila's destination.

The ice monster Peguila brought about an unexpected ice age in the middle of one of Tokyo's hottest summers. The sudden freeze caused mass chaos and many to be trapped inside the frozen buildings of Tokyo. Peguila marched through the city causing tons of damage but luckily after the first encounter with Peguila in Antarctica many knew how to deal with Peguila. A plane was filled with the chemical made from the rare Antarctic moss that caused Peguila to flee Antarctica the first time the monster was encountered. When a drunken father who had fallen on hard times saw that his sons life was in danger he stole the plane and drove it into Peguila's mouth as a means of delivering the chemical to the monster. Once again the chemical was not enough to kill Peguila but cause it to flee the city bringing back to Tokyo...for now.

My Thoughts: 

The story was very simple this episode it didn't require a lot of set up since we were already familar with Peguila from episode 5 , with that being said we saw a lot of Peguila action in this episode. This stretch of episodes in the series is some of the best Ultra Q. Peguila was a great monster to comeback to, especially since it was hinted that he was flying north at the end of episode 5. It is a shame that even though Peguila fled we never got a 3rd Ultra Q episode with this monster it would have been interesting to see what the monster was up to or final see a conclusion to Peguila's story.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Black Scorpion Coming to Blu-ray March 20th

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On March 20th we will be getting The Black Scorpion on Blu-ray for the first time, it has been out on DVD but we will now have the Blu-ray with 1080p resolution available to us. The Black Scorpion movie is about a giant prehistoric scorpions that attack a city in Mexico after they are freed from a volcano after an earthquake. The special effects for this movie were over seen by Willis O'Brien who was the lead stop motion effects coordinator on the original 1933 King Kong film. This movie is a great monster classic that I feel doesn't get that much attention and is definitely worth a watch if you are a fan of the giant monster genre.