Friday, March 1, 2019

Upcoming Blu-Ray Releases February & March 2019

The Deadly Mantis will see it's first release on Blu-ray this March 5th. This 1957 flick featuring a Giant Praying Mantis will be a great one to add to the monster movie collection. Like many Blu-ray releases the initial release price is a bit high at $25.19 keep an eye on this one for a price drop.

Another release we will see is the first part of the anime series DARLING in the FRANXX. I don't know much about this series I have heard a lot of mixed reactions. I know it had a giant robot that looks very similar to an EVA unit from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The 4 disc standard edition set will release on March 26th for $42.99 while the Limited edition will release the same day for $71.99.

A very interesting one that I just learned about is the Star Fleet X-Bomber series Blu-ray. Known in japan as X-Bomber and dubbed in the U.S. as start fleet this tokusatsu series is done in the style of the Thunderbirds series with marionette puppets. The show features a team drive 3 vehicles that merge into a giant robot. What is great about this set is that it features both the English and Japanese versions of the show. The English version is only 24 episodes where the Japanese is 25. The 18th episode was never released in English because it was basically a recap of the whole series. This set is going for $39.95 and is one that I am very interested in checking out myself.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Recent and Upcoming Blu-ray Releases: January 2019

We have the Giant Robot Anime series Shin Tetsujin 28 on Blu-ray January 29th I believe the original intended date was January 1st but that may have just been a place holder date until one could be determined. This 1980 Japanese series is 51 episodes in subbed in english. Currently the preorder price is at $50.95. The price is a little steep but I guess if you look at it as $1 per episode it isn't terrible. I would wait on a price drop for this one but not too long I don't see this as something that will be printed state side in large quantity but maybe I am wrong.

On January 22nd there will be a release of the 1959 monster classic The Giant Behemoth. This movie features a Giant Dinosaur stomping through London. At $17.99 for the Blu-ray it is not a bad price at all if you are looking to save you can grab the currently available DVD copy for $10.66.

On January 29th we will see the release of another Tetsujin Blu-ray this one being the 2007 movie Tetsujin 28: Morning Moon of Midday This one is a movie though that runs 95 minutes long. I think the the $24.95 price is once again a little high for this Tetsujin Blu-ray so keep an eye out for a price drop.