Friday, January 18, 2019

Recent and Upcoming Blu-ray Releases: January 2019

We have the Giant Robot Anime series Shin Tetsujin 28 on Blu-ray January 29th I believe the original intended date was January 1st but that may have just been a place holder date until one could be determined. This 1980 Japanese series is 51 episodes in subbed in english. Currently the preorder price is at $50.95. The price is a little steep but I guess if you look at it as $1 per episode it isn't terrible. I would wait on a price drop for this one but not too long I don't see this as something that will be printed state side in large quantity but maybe I am wrong.

On January 22nd there will be a release of the 1959 monster classic The Giant Behemoth. This movie features a Giant Dinosaur stomping through London. At $17.99 for the Blu-ray it is not a bad price at all if you are looking to save you can grab the currently available DVD copy for $10.66.

On January 29th we will see the release of another Tetsujin Blu-ray this one being the 2007 movie Tetsujin 28: Morning Moon of Midday This one is a movie though that runs 95 minutes long. I think the the $24.95 price is once again a little high for this Tetsujin Blu-ray so keep an eye out for a price drop.

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